Algebra 1 Review (Self-Paced)

From: $93.00 / month for 3 months

Prerequisite:  Algebra 1

Grades:  9th–10th

Class:  No live class, self-paced

Dates (Summer 1):  Flexible start on or after May 13, 2024. Course ends Aug 23, 2024.

Prepaid:  $249

Instructor: Michele Diggins

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Course Description

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“She is heading into upper-level high school math. No wonder she is a little nervous!” If this might have been spoken about any student in your house, Algebra 1 Review can help. This course returns to the essential concepts taught in first-course algebra classes in order to extend students’ competence and firm up their algebraic foundation.

Over the seven weeks of the course, Algebra 1 Review studies the following topics:

  • Real Numbers
  • Linear equalities and inequalities
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Exponential and Radical Expressions
  • Probability
  • Polynomials

Before heading into Algebra 2, a review of Algebra 1 concepts can be just the ticket to retain learning and gain confidence for many students. This course is crafted with the intent of helping students build skills in the mechanics of those concepts.

Please note that no textbook will be required for this course as the instructor will provide all needed materials.

Course Structure

Each week of the course will focus on a specific topic utilizing multiple opportunities for engagement with the material. Students will view pre-recorded instructional videos, practice in digital homework, and complete digital or printed activities. Also, assessments will be given each week so students can gauge their skill level and pursue further practice when needed.

Who should enroll?

Successful students will be the ones looking to enter Algebra 2 who have a desire to reinforce knowledge of basic algebra concepts. They should understand this is a review course, and as such, the shortened timeframe will require daily attention to assignments.


Students in this course must have completed, or nearly completed, an Algebra 1 course.

Technology Requirements

  • TI-84 Graphing Calculator (or any version in the 83/84 series)
  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Web cam, sound card and microphone (for live sessions and projects)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Scanner or smart phone to scan and upload any printed or pencil-and-paper work

Evaluation and Feedback

Since this is a short course, timely submission of all assignments is expected of students. Accordingly, feedback to students will be returned either immediately by the digital platform or within 48 hours by the instructor. Students can earn a certificate of completion at the conclusion of this course.


Questions, comments, or suggestions are encouraged and can be sent through Canvas messaging on the course website.

Required Texts

No textbook will be required for this course as the instructor will provide all needed materials.


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Instructor Bio

Michele Diggins

My Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Liberty University shows that I know a little about mathematics. And my Masters of Education degree from American College of Education shows that I have learned something of education theory. However, my passion for learning and for helping others learn is what really drives my desire to teach mathematics. Contact: mdiggins[at]


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