Pre-Algebra Math Lab

From: $60.00 / month for 5 months

Optional add-on for Pre-Algebra

Grades:  8th–10th

Class: Thu 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. ET

Dates (1st Sem):  Aug 26–Dec 20, 2024

Dates (2nd Sem):  Jan 13–May 16, 2025

Prepaid:  $249 per semester

Instructor: Michele Diggins

See Reviews of Instructor Michele Diggins


Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Michele Diggins

Students must be enrolled in Pre-Algebra to enroll in this highly recommended but optional add-on. 

Pre-Algebra Math Lab is an additional resource for parents seeking to ensure their students receive practical reinforcement of algebraic concepts. Mrs. Diggins provides targeted support to help students enhance their understanding of Pre-Algebra concepts. Throughout the semester, these dynamic weekly sessions include a variety of interactive activities, allowing students to hone their analytical skills and cultivate creative approaches to problem-solving.

Course Structure

In each 55-minute session, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Get personalized assistance on homework assignments.
  • Seek clarification on challenging topics.
  • Engage in focused exercises to reinforce and apply algebraic principles.
  • Participate in collaborative problem-solving activities.

Who should enroll?

Enrollment is recommended for students seeking extra support for Pre-Algebra course topics.

Prerequisites: Must be currently enrolled in Pre-Algebra.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Graphing calculator
  • The ability to annotate on screen is highly recommended

Evaluation and Feedback

This is not a graded course.


Parents and students may contact Mrs. Diggins through Canvas messages on the course website.

Required Texts

No additional texts required (see PreAlgebra course description)


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Instructor Bio

Michele Diggins

My Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Liberty University shows that I know a little about mathematics. And my Masters of Education degree from American College of Education shows that I have learned something of education theory. However, my passion for learning and for helping others learn is what really drives my desire to teach mathematics. Contact: mdiggins[at]


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