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Howdy, Partner!

We want to be part of your homeschool success story!

Here’s what you need to know:

Aim Academy Online is not a school. We are accredited by Middle States Association as a learning services provider. We provide college-prep, online classes as an add-on to your homeschool program or hybrid school program. (We believe all parents are homeschool parents). You, the parent or guardian, remain responsible for your child’s education, and we help you accomplish that. You are not alone. Just ask–we’re happy to answer questions and share from our wealth of experience as homeschool parents ourselves.

Our aim is a culture and community that supports you and your child’s wellbeing. We want to get to know you and to share in the struggles and success of your homeschool journey. We are in this together, and we will do all we humanly can to help you achieve your goals for your child–but we are a source of support and not a replacement for your involvement and oversight.

The most successful students in our classes have engaged parents who oversee their work and ensure that they attend and participate in class. We understand that older students may be working independently and not need much oversight. But until a student has taken responsibility for his or her learning, parents and teachers have a vital role to play in the process.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help families everywhere homeschool—in part or in whole—by providing dynamic, engaging online classes that foster a love for learning, promote a growth mindset, and develop personal responsibility in every student.

Our Core Values

  • We are partners not replacements for parents.
  • Lifelong learning is our aim—in ourselves and in our students.
  • Tech is a powerful tool that broadens possibilities but is no substitute for human interaction.
  • The best education is personalized.
  • Students thrive when they have the opportunity for choice, voice, and relationships, as do teachers.
  • What we expect of our students, we expect of ourselves.

Our educational philosophy is influenced by the work of  Lev Vygotsky, Sir Ken Robinson, Carol Dweck, and Self-Determination Theory. From the homeschool world, we draw inspiration from Charlotte Mason, John Holt, Peter Gray, and C.S. Lewis. See our recommended reading list here.

Accommodations/Special Circumstances

  • Does your child need accommodation or have special circumstances? Please let us know before registering. Use this form.

Technical Requirements

  • Each student needs regular access to a computer to submit assignments, review the week’s work, join class discussions, and access other features of the class website safely housed inside Canvas, our learning management system. A smartphone or tablet is not sufficient.
  • Students may attend the live classes held over Zoom on a tablet or smartphone, but this is not always ideal (some classes require students to access features not available on these devices). We recommend that you ask the teacher before enrolling if attending class on a mobile device will work.
  • Students who share a computer must remember to logout each time they exit our learning management system (Canvas), otherwise other family members will not be able to log in to their Canvas dashboard.
  • Additional technical requirements are listed for each course under the More Information tab on the course page.


Registration for fall classes always opens March 1. Early registration opens the last week of February each year for returning families. Signing up for one class in a 12 month period qualifies you for early registration. Please get all your questions answered by our academic advisor or the teacher before registering. Read our refund policy here.

Register only one student per order. Multiple classes for the same student may be purchased on the same order. If you wish to register more than one student, you must create a new order for each additional student.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: We collect a nonrefundable $36 administrative fee per order/per student. If you select a payment plan, you are not charged this fee on subsequent payments, only the initial order. This fee helps us to cover the administrative and technology costs necessary to support your child’s safety and success in an online environment.

Please contact the AAO administration and/or the teacher with questions you may have before enrolling in a class–we want to help you find the best fit for your child and your goals. Please review our refund policy before enrolling.

We accept charter school students, micro-school, hybrid school, and ESA (educational spending account) funds. See more information here.

You will receive a welcome packet from AAO registrar within 48 hours of placing your order on weekdays. A welcome letter from the teacher will follow shortly thereafter. If you do not receive both of these, please check your spam folder.

Add the following emails to your contacts, please: registrar@aimacademy.online, office@aimacademy.online, and the teacher’s AAO email address.

Class sizes vary, but 21 students is the maximum. Elementary, middle school, and French classes are smaller.

All our policies can be found here. Please read the Aim Academy Handbook to make the most of your experience!

If you are not sure whether or not your child is ready for a class, please engage the teacher prior to registering. They are all quite experienced and will be able to help you figure out through a placement test or other tools if the class is the right fit.

Payment Plans

You can distribute the cost of a mini over 3 months, the cost of a semester over 3 or 5 months, and the cost of a full year class over 3, 5, or 8 months. A service charge of $10 per month is added to each class on a payment plan. This covers the cost of processing each payment and following up with families when a payment does not go through. We refund the $10/month service charge for the remaining months if you pay off your balance early.

Payment plans begin when your order is placed–we are not able to delay the start of the payment plan until the beginning of class.


If you have questions about what Aim can do for your homeschool program, please talk to us! Email administration at office@aimacademy.online or reach out to the teacher before registering. You can also take advantage of our free academic advising. Let’s talk! We’ll give you seasoned advice and even recommend other providers and resources if we aren’t the best fit for your needs.

In Closing

We are growing significantly, and this allows us to continuously add more classes and opportunities for our families. We’d love to have you join us!

If you have questions or wish to avail yourself of our free academic advising, please email us at office@aimacademy.online. Thank you!

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