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Michele Diggins Reviews

Parent (Algebra 1) – May 7, 2024

Mrs. Diggins engaged our two boys in the maths classes they have taken. Her homework and exercises reinforce what she teaches and she makes herself available for any clarifications our children have needed. She is understanding to technical problems and agile to work with should you need any flexibility due to time zones or travel. Our children have learned the material and we have confidence in their abilities after they have taken Mrs, Diggins’ classes. We actively seek maths classes she teaches and highly recommend her.

Student (Pre-Algebra) – May 7, 2024

This class is really a great course to take. everything was just the right balance for me, nothing was to hard and nothing was to easy. Also Mrs Diggins is a great teacher, and explains every thing very clearly and easy to understand.

Student (Algebra 1) – May 2, 2024

Mrs. Diggins brings math to a whole other level! Her energy combined with the course material makes this my favorite course I took this year! It provided the right amount of challenge, as well as the right amount of assignments to balance out the live class with.

Parent (Algebra 1) – April 29, 2024

Great instructor. Math is a hard subject to learn for students. She tried her best to get everyone to understand the subject even when it was difficult. My child worked very hard in this class. Even when she was struggling she continued to do her very best. Mrs. Diggins always gave positive feedback.

Parent (AP Statistics) – April 29, 2024

My daughter learned a lot despite not generally enjoying math. Mrs. Diggins recognizes that not all students, even in an AP class, are going to be excited about the subject matter, and tries to make the math as relevant as possible.

Student (Algebra 1) – April 29, 2024

*THIS CLASS IS HARD* It is not easy, it is difficult. Some parts are easier than others, but for me, It has been a great challenge. I strongly reccomend Mrs. Diggins as a math teacher, she is always there to help, and likes to give clear, valuable instruction to her students.

Parent (Algebra 1) – May 2, 2023

This was a good course with a lot of information and an excellent teacher. Ms. DIGGINS was incredibly kind and willing to put in a lot of extra work to help my student be successful. She seemed to care very deeply about her students. Grading and email questions were answered quickly. My son really liked the classes and the teacher!

Parent (Algebra 1) – April 18, 2023

Ms. Diggins patiently teaching my daughter that she can do algebra and do it well was the greatest benefit of this class. This class has helped my math anxiety child see that she can do algebra, and when an assignment goes poorly, she can dust herself off and try again with the next assignment.

S.D. (Parent, Algebra 1) – September 24, 2022

[Mrs. Diggins] is organized and encourages students to do their best!

A.M. (Student, Algebra 1) – September 22, 2022

Algebra is not something I really like but I find it very important to me. The greatest benefits of this course are the live class, participation, and it is easy to understand the teacher.

D.P. (Parent, Algebra 1) – March 25, 2022

Michele is definitely a wonderful math teacher! She takes the time to make sure my son understands the problems and and patiently helps him to work through what he does not understand. She helps him to gain a better understanding of what he is being asked to do, so that he can work the problems out on his own when he comes across them again. I would highly recommend her!

J.B. (Parent, Pre-Algebra) – March 24, 2022

Michele is an excellent math teacher! Both of my girls have taking classes with her in multiple subjects. She is thorough and very patient. She takes the time to make sure the student really understands the concept before moving forward. Highly, highly recommend!