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Writers in Residence Q & A: Author Debra Bell and Homeschooling Mom Heather Eades Answer Your Questions

Author Debra Bell and homeschooling mom Heather Eades took time today to answer some frequently asked questions about the Writers in Residence curriculum and the online class. Heather uses the program with her own children and is a part of the pilot group. She also will be teaching the online class this fall.

Why did you decide to offer an online class for Writers in Residence?

Heather, why did you choose Writers in Residence as your writing curriculum?

What grade level is Writers in Residence for and how can it be used effectively with multiple children?

How important is it for kids to have an audience for their writing? What do you think about writers groups or writing co-ops?

How can Writers in Residence be used in a co-op?

Debra Bell is the author of Writers in Residence, a language arts curriculum for 4th-8th grade. Heather Eades teaches Writers in Residence the class for Aim Academy and has helped in the development of the program. Kathryn Gomes is Debra Bell’s daughter and teaches SAT Math for Aim Academy.

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