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How to Get the Most from Your AAO Classes

By Debra Bell | August 8, 2023 | Aim Academy Online, The Science of Learning

Hey everyone, we’re so glad you’re joining us this year. We’ve been very busy this summer. We’ve been learning how to use Canvas and Zoom better to engage students. We’ve been meeting together to discuss our goals for growth and improvement. We aspire to lifelong learning ourselves and strive to model that for our students.

Our focus this year is on increasing student engagement and creating greater connections with one another across our community: teachers, parents, students, support staff, and administrators.

We can’t do it alone. So here’s a few tips for getting the most from your online classes at Aim Academy Online!

For Students


Contribute to the class discussions, speak up in class, welcome your classmates, introduce yourself. Ask questions. Be curious. Take initiative. You will get so much more out of your classes if you decide to actively participate, and you invest in the success of the class overall—help your classmates and your teacher turn in their best performance as well. Be a great team mate!


You’ll learn much more and not fall behind if you do a little bit in each class every day. If you don’t have specific tasks assigned by your teacher, then review what you’ve been learning. Read ahead. Read again. Read something not assigned about the topic. Watch a video in the subject area. A daily review and investment of effort will make deeper connections in your brain—you will be surprised how much more you learn. When you invest time daily in learning more about a topic, guess what? You get more interested in that topic. And interest is a key to learning. When you are interested, your brain comes alive. Learning flourishes.


Give yourself time to reflect on and revise your assignments before you submit. Your brain consolidates information while you are at rest. That’s why you sleep longer during your teen years—you are learning a lot. When you take breaks between learning, you will learn more the next time you return to an assignment. 

For Parents


Speak positively about your children’s efforts to learn and participate. Help the shy child to take small steps. Be aware of what your children are working on in each class. Provide an age-appropriate level of support and accountability. Once your children establish a routine of signing in daily to work on their Aim Academy Online courses, you won’t have to be as vigilant. But make sure everyone gets started on the right foot! You’ll be glad you did.

Ask Questions!

Get your kids talking about what they are learning—this solidifies their lessons and deepens their understanding. Model curiosity—an important characteristic of an independent learner. Take an interest in your kids’ online classes—this shows them you think their academic life is important.

Reach Out!

If you have questions or valuable insights that will help your child’s teachers or the AAO administration support your homeschool more successfully, let us know! We aren’t mind readers—I wish we were—but we are often clueless. We really appreciate it when we hear from students and parents about anything and everything—what’s going well, what do you like, what doesn’t make sense, what could we improve. Feedback helps us grow and improve in the same way feedback helps your children grow and improve. (support@aimacademy.online

We’re all in this together. Let’s help one another have the best school year ever!

Thank you! We’re so glad you’re here.

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