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Q & A with the English Faculty

By Debra Bell | April 26, 2017 | Aim Academy Online, High School, Meet the Teachers

English teachers Amy Wallace and Bev Graybill joined me to discuss some relevant topics for high school and middle school English.

Why is grammar important? How should it be taught?

How do you handle plagiarism and giving appropriate credit?

What are some of the best ways to build and maintain English skills over the summer?

What are your thoughts on poetry?

What key skills do middle school students need to develop in order to be prepared for high school English?

What do you look for in good literature? How do you choose the books you teach in your classes?

Amy, why did you decide to teach the class “Novel in a Year” and what actually happens in the class?

Amy Wallace teaches Novel in a Year, Comprehensive LA Middle School, and Comprehensive LA High school. Bev Graybill teaches 3 grammar mini-courses (level one, level two, and level three) as well as Middle School Tools A and Middle School Tools B. She also teaches a American History through Literature class.



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