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Category: Free Resources

Printable Graph Paper

Graphing can be one of the toughest skills for math students to master. In my decade of experience as a high school math teacher I noticed that a good sheet of graph paper can make a big difference. I’d run off a bunch of double-sided copies of this before each unit on graphing so it was Read More...

Free Resource: Plagiarism and Citing Sources Handout

This week has been a lot of fun. We still have two planners and a copy of Readers in Residence to giveaway. And more free resources coming your way. Here is Wednesday’s free resource created by English teacher Beverly Graybill. Bev teaches three grammer mini-courses, Middle School Tools A, Middle School Tools B, and American History Through Read More...

Homeschool Appreciation Week

Welcome to Homeschool Appreciation Week! Our aim is to bless you with expert advice, free resources, and wonderful giveaways. Check our blog and Facebook page for the latest news and resources each day. Expert Advice Our faculty here at Aim Academy has years of experience and wisdom and we’d like to share that all with Read More...