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Homeschool Appreciation Week

By Debra Bell | April 20, 2017 | Aim Academy Online, Free Resources

Welcome to Homeschool Appreciation Week! Our aim is to bless you with expert advice, free resources, and wonderful giveaways. Check our blog and Facebook page for the latest news and resources each day.

Expert Advice

Our faculty here at Aim Academy has years of experience and wisdom and we’d like to share that all with you by answering your questions. Throughout the week post comments on our blog or on our Facebook page with your questions related to math, English, science, foreign languages, economics and government. Each afternoon we’ll be interviewing our teachers and posting their video responses to your questions right here on our blog. Clips will be short and to the point so you can get your answers quickly ? Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday, April 24th High School Math: Aim Academy’s math faculty Kathryn Gomes, Susan Habacivch, and Kristen Lauria answer all your math related questions. Additionally, Susan will be covering how to effectively study math and Kristen will discuss how to plan out your high school math program.

Tuesday, April 25th Writers in Residence and Readers in Residence: Debra Bell and Aim Academy teacher Heather A. Eades answer all your questions about the language arts curriculum and the online classes available this fall.

Wednesday, April 26th English: Bev Graybill and Amy Wallace answer all your English related questions. Bev also will be providing some pointers on the importance of grammar and how to effectively teach it.

Thursday, April 27th Science: Kristen Lauria and Susan Habacivch answer your science questions. Kristen also will be sharing a free science resource.

Friday, April 28th Foreign Languages and the Social Sciences: Sally Barstow (French) and David Nance (Spanish and Portuguese) will be giving pointers on learning a second language. Economics and government teacher Nathan Gilbert will also be joining to talk about the importance of economics for all of us.

Free Resources

Throughout the week check our blog for free resources and printables. These have been created by our teachers to serve you and your families.

5 Wonderful Giveaways

Each day we will be selecting a winner a free planner, Writers in Residence, and Readers in Residence. We will be posting information on how to enter soon.

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