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Printable Graph Paper

By Debra Bell | July 12, 2020 | Free Resources, High School

Graphing can be one of the toughest skills for math students to master. In my decade of experience as a high school math teacher I noticed that a good sheet of graph paper can make a big difference. I’d run off a bunch of double-sided copies of this before each unit on graphing so it was available and ready to go.

This graph paper is my favorite design because it fits four to a page and is numbered. I also included a sheet that is specific for Algebra 1, it has space for students to label the slope and y-intercept on the graph. This is perfect for linear equations. Finally, there is one for Algebra 2 students that has space to label the vertex and x-intercepts on a parabola.

Download the free Graph Paper Printable

Let us know how this resource works out for you. And feel free to share it!

Kathryn Gomes is Debra Bell’s daughter and teaches SAT Math for Aim Academy. She is also offering a self-paced course leading up to the August test. She is a guest blogger for debrabell.com

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