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Sneak Peek Inside The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

By Debra Bell | July 2, 2011 | Planning

Many of you have asked when the Ultimate Homeschool Planner designed by me and featured in Apologia’s latest catalog will be available. Hang on. It’s almost here. The planner for moms went to the printer last week, and the planners for students (4th-8th) and teens (7th-12th) are headed there shortly.  Launching a brand new product line is an arduous project — especially if you want to have the nerve to use the term ultimate in the title.

These three planners have gone through dozens of iterations already, based upon feedback from focus groups and reviewers.  At this point, Apologia has generously brought so many highly-skilled people on to the project, I’m a bit embarrassed to claim authorship.  It really has been a team effort and many experienced homeschool moms have made invaluable contributions toward our goal of creating an elegant, easy-to-use, and above all, God-centered planning system that will lighten your load — not create another burdensome chore.

But I’ll let you decide if we have reached that goal or not.  Here is a preview of the 48-week daily planner for up to six children:  Ultimate Planner Sample

What do you think? Does this look promising?

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