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Creative Writing Class with Lili Serbicki

I am thrilled to announce that we’ve just added a creative writing course for high school students to our line up of online classes .   Lili (Meldrum) Serbicki is a former student of mine (and Vicki Dincher’s, our registrar) who was a joy to work with throughout high school.  She is immensely talented and prolific.  Read More...

FREE Starter Kit for Student and Teen Planners

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner for moms will be widely available next week. But the student and teen planners are still (at the outside) a month from being released. We are working diligently to get them to you sooner. In the meantime, I secured permission to create a starter kit. The attached file includes planning pages Read More...

The Dependent Learner: What Can I Do?

All kids will be reluctant or resistent about academics at some point — some more than others.  What can we do to inspire a love for learning and promote independence? Here are a three strategies that have worked for me with many different kinds of students: 1. Success: Start at the child’s level of success in that area.  Read More...

How Do Kids Learn Best From Others?

Yesterday I started a discussion about raising an independent learner. Today I’d liked to explore the ways in which we learn from others and get your thoughts on this, too. Have you ever considered God’s intention in human development? Why the cycle of life? Why not create us fully-formed, like Adam and Eve? Why do Read More...

Help! My Child’s A Late Reader

The magic of reading is part brain development and part environment. You can’t do much about the first — that’s a timeline God controls — but you certainly can about the latter. Kids will learn to read if they invest time in reading. The more they read, the better they will read. Your role is to help Read More...

Sneak Peek Inside The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

Many of you have asked when the Ultimate Homeschool Planner designed by me and featured in Apologia’s latest catalog will be available. Hang on. It’s almost here. The planner for moms went to the printer last week, and the planners for students (4th-8th) and teens (7th-12th) are headed there shortly.  Launching a brand new product line is Read More...

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