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Creative Writing Class with Lili Serbicki

By Debra Bell | May 29, 2011 | Aim Academy Online

I am thrilled to announce that we’ve just added a creative writing course for high school students to our line up of online classes .   Lili (Meldrum) Serbicki is a former student of mine (and Vicki Dincher’s, our registrar) who was a joy to work with throughout high school.  She is immensely talented and prolific.  Now a college graduate and professional writer, I contacted Lili as soon as I heard she might be interested in offering a creative writing course online.

I’ve had many students over the years in my online AP English courses who wanted to develop their creative writing talents.  AP English certainly requires a lot of writing of students, but it does not primarily focus on creative writing per se.  So, she is a perfect fit for our focus here:  She has developed a creative writing class aspiring writers will love; and at the same time, Lili will help them lay a foundation for a future AP English course.

You can read her course description here: Creative Writing

And you can register for her class here.

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