Self-Paced Chemistry

From: $92.00 / month for 8 months

Grades:  9th–12th

Class:  No Live Class (asynchronous)

Dates:  Flexible start date anytime after August 18, 2024. Must finish by August 8, 2025

Prepaid:  $649

Instructor: Susan Habacivch

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Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Susan Habacivch

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This is an asynchronous, self-paced course. For live instruction of the same course, visit our Chemistry page for more information and to register.

Chemistry is the study of connections between the everyday world and the molecular world, the structure and interactions of matter. It examines the smallest components of matter (atoms) and how atoms bond with each other to combine elements into compounds. Then it looks at chemical reactions: how energy is involved, the transfer of electrons or hydrogen ions, and factors that affect reaction rate. This course provides students with an understanding of chemical principles and skills that are needed for college. The study of chemistry includes laboratory investigation, problem solving activities, textbook study, lecture, and class discussion. The structure and properties of matter, organic and inorganic chemistry, energy, thermochemistry, nuclear reaction, electrochemistry, acids, bases and salts, and chemical bonding make up the content of this class.

Several hands-on experiments will augment the core concepts studied and fulfill the lab requirement for a high school science credit. These experiments can be completed at home (adult supervision is advised). About one month before class begins, a full list of lab supplies and materials will be provided with the course syllabus.

Following this course, the motivated student will be well prepared for a future AP Chemistry course or college level Chemistry.

Course Structure

The qualified student will spend 5-7 hours per week on this class. Each week, students will have pre-recorded video lectures with concept questions to watch and answer, readings and problem solving in the textbook, electronic review questions, and scanned worksheets to submit. Chapter tests occur every two to three weeks, while labs are sprinkled throughout the course.

Who should enroll?

The well-prepared applicant is in grades 9-12 and has completed a physical science or general science course and has a good foundation in algebra. Also, online learning requires a great degree of organizational and time management skills on the part of the student. Students who are ready to improve in this area and can take responsibility for initiating interaction with the instructor for help should register for this course.

Prerequisite: Pre-algebra or equivalent 8th grade math

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Scanner or smart phone for submitting tests and homework

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will be graded on homework, labs, professionalism, and exams. The homework will be a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions done on the course website, and handouts to be completed, scanned, and uploaded. Student submissions will be graded within one week of the assignment submission and students may contact me with questions or concerns on the Canvas website during weekdays. An individual student conference is required at the beginning of the course for planning the pacing of the course, and two additional conferences will be provided upon request as part of the course fee.


Grades are perpetually available throughout the course and parents may contact me through Canvas messages on the course website. Parent- teacher conferences will be offered in the fall and spring of the year.

Required Texts

Note: You can find the hardback copy at various online sites or directly from the publisher at the above link.

In addition to the textbook(s), you will need:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Lab materials and supplies (a full list will be provided before class begins)


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Instructor Bio

Susan Habacivch

Susan Habacivch is the academic advisor for Aim Academy Online, a member of the leadership team, and a STEM teacher. Susan Habacivch earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Washington University and a BA in French from Regis College. After working for several years in the fibers industry, she began homeschooling her four children in 2003. She has been tutoring and teaching science and mathematics in local coops since 2003 and has been teaching online since 2010. Contact: shabacivch[at]


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