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Susan Habacivch Reviews

Parent (Chemistry) – May 2, 2023

Susan is a spectacular educator! So effective and professional. We feel lucky to have discovered her! Highly organized, straightforward expectations, very constructive feedback on submitted work, obviously focused on really helping students actually learn, not just checking boxes to get through the course. We also found the chosen curriculum (Atoms First) to be SO GOOD and all of Susan’s supporting content and videos were world-class. A real gem of a class. Truly so happy with our experience in this course. Thank you so much for your dedication and effort. It’s working!!!

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – April 21, 2023

Excellent teacher with consistent homework and tests. My son has learned to work hard and see results. The teacher has pushed him and he understands how effort equals good grades.

Parent (Algebra 2) – April 21, 2023

Excellent teacher and we will be taking other classes with her. Susan know her subjects well. My daughter is learning a lot. I appreciate Susan and look forward to my daughter taking more of her classes to further her education.

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – April 21, 2023

This is our son’s third time taking a math course from Mrs. Habacivch. We have really appreciated every aspect of her teaching. She provides clear expectations and accountability, also Mrs Habacivch is available for help and very fair.

Student (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – April 18, 2023

Mrs. H is very good at explaining concepts patiently, and taking it step by step so that even if I feel totally lost at first I can understand it by the end. I also like the 2 projects that we get to do, because we can select what we want to work on and research it in depth. I always enjoyed our live classes because Mrs. H would explain concepts in a way that was easy to understand and interesting.

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – April 17, 2023

My daughter has really learned and has reached a level of independence with her learning that I credit to Mrs. H. She has given my daughter strong skills and confidence in math and mathematical thinking. Thank you for everything!

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – September 27, 2022

This course is laid out well for the wide variety of material that covers. The break out groups help the students to interact and learn from each other and get differing perspectives on how to tackle math problems. The teacher feedback on the homework and tests has been amazing and truly helps my student to improve her math skills.

Parent (Physical Science) – September 26, 2022

This is one of the better virtual classes we have this year in terms of quality of teaching and comprehensiveness of content. This is most like a brick and mortar school experience of the classes we have this year. Mrs. Habacivch clearly knows the material and sets reasonable expectations for the students.

Parent (Algebra 2 and Chemistry) – September 22, 2022

Student is learning and retaining information much better than previous in-school (public school) experience.

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – September 20, 2022

I had been told that Susan holds the kids to a high standard, and that has been the case for my son. I don’t believe the class is “hard” for him, but he is having to learn to manage his time better, and make certain he is meeting the expectations of his teacher and class. He turned a test in late and was docked points. I was grateful for that. He knew the expectation, and didn’t do it.

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – September 20, 2022

Because my students have taken other classes with Ms. Habacivch, I had high expectations going into the course, and she has succeeded in meeting them. Ms H expects and requires hard work of her students. She is highly knowledgeable and able to make difficult concepts manageable for the students.

Parent (Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – April 1, 2022

Mrs Habacivch is a superb math teacher! The class information is presented in a very clear, concise, and organized manner – including expectations, assignments, and course content. Mrs Habacivch does an excellent job of breaking down difficult concepts and materials into manageable components. She provides a very thorough and understandable presentation of challenging topics. She is easily accessible to students and parents for any questions or concerns. She has been very helpful to us in providing information to help us make decisions about future courses to pursue, both while in high school and into college. She is responsive and encouraging, and evinces genuine care for her students. We are so glad my son has had the opportunity to have Mrs Habacivch for a math teacher these last few math courses he has taken! As a result, we feel he is well prepared to transition into the college courses he will be taking next fall!

Parent (Algebra 2) – April 1, 2022

Mrs H has had consistent expectations and clearly communicated those along with her consistent concern for students progress and her dependable teaching. She follows up on students, making them accountable. This is not as easy as she makes it look! We are very thankful to have found Mrs Habacavich for a teacher.

Parent (Physical Science: Intro to Physics) – March 29, 2022

Good teacher and filled a need in our homeschool program this year. I’m grateful. My son was challenged and learned a lot. Teacher is clearly knowledgeable and excited about the material and communicates this to the students. Expectations are clearly explained and the syllabus is straightforward. The textbook had a good mix of concepts and “real world” examples. Teacher is very responsive when you reach out to her.

Parent (Geometry) – March 29, 2022

I have found the coursework to be equal to what she would have received in a brick-and-mortar school. I had not expected that. This is our first experience with online learning. I appreciated the pre-assessment and initial contact before the course began. That indicated to us that the teacher would be hands-on with her student’s education. I had worried that remote education meant no significant involvement by teachers.

Parent (Algebra 2) – March 26, 2022

My daughter is doing better than I expected–better than she did last year in what I thought was an easier course. It makes me think she’s really getting it–in part, thanks to Susan. I like the style of online learning that follows up with face-to-face support. I also like that I feel that I can reach out to Susan at any point if we are stuck–and so can my daughter.

K.H. (Parent, Pre-Calculus w Statistics) – February 8, 2022

Mrs. Habacivch is an outstanding math teacher! She is extremely organized and does an excellent job of taking challenging subject matter and breaking it down into manageable and understandable components. She is great at presenting information in a way that is clear and helpful. She is very approachable and always quickly responds to any questions/concerns from students and parents. She is personable and emanates genuine care for her students. My son has taken 3 math classes from Mrs. H – Geometry, Algebra II Review, and Pre-Calculus. All three were excellent classes! You won’t find a better math teacher!

H.T. (Parent in Algebra 2) – June 2, 2021

My daughter completed three classes at AIM Academy with Mrs. Habacivch. Her Algebra 2 experience was incredibly rewarding. Mrs. Habacivch goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure her students understand the topics presented. As a parent, she did a great job keeping me informed of my daughter’s progress and was very diligent about scheduling mid-year review meetings or meet as needed to make sure parents and students were on the same page in terms of class performance and expectations for the remainder of the year. I highly recommend Algebra 2 by Mrs. Habacivch.

Eleni (Parent in Geometry) – May 20, 2021

I highly recommend Mrs. Habacivch’s geometry class as it provides a thorough understanding of the subject. It definitely challenged my eighth-grader, but I doubt we could have found a better instructor. Mrs. H. was always responsive and helpful whenever my child had questions. Moreover, I greatly appreciated the parent conferences we had each semester.

Gina E. (Parent in Geometry) – May 20, 2020

My daughter enjoyed taking Geometry with Mrs. Habacivch. I appreciate that Mrs. Habacivch answers emails from students and parents promptly. She is patient and caring. Her classes are very interactive and the textbook she uses explains each concept clearly. It would be great if the quizzes didn’t have errors, other than that I think this is a great class.

Cynthia (Student in Algebra II Review) – May 20th, 2020

Algebra II review was extremely well structured and interactive. The workload was consistent each day and was manageable to complete quickly in the morning to have the rest of the day off. I felt it gave purpose to my summer, but did not dictate my day. Mrs. Habacivch makes sure everyone grasps the concepts and worked well with the holes I had in my previous curriculum. I never thought I could enjoy a summer class, but I sure did enjoy this one!

Linsey P. (Student in Introduction to Chemistry and Physics) – April 7th, 2020

This course introduces chemistry and physics in an interesting and engaging way- leading one into the sciences and leaving them thirsting for more knowledge. Alongside the book, there are in depth lectures, labs, data analises, lectures and extra resources provided for a maximized learning experience. The structure of the lesson plan each week proved different than I’m used to, but all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Cynthia (Student in Pre-Calculus with Statistics) – April 13th, 2020

I absolutely love Mrs. Habacivich’s PreCalc and Stats class. It is extremely organized and Mrs. H is a great teacher who focuses on your questions to make sure you understand math. She responds quickly with feedback too. Her teachings compliment the textbook and cover lots of concepts beyond PreCalc, including practical financial math, stats, and applications of mathematics. I only wish she taught calculus too!

Sofia (Student in Geometry) – April 21st, 2020

I really like the textbook; I love how it proves everything instead of simply saying that something is the way it is just because, like many textbooks do. I have learned a lot from this class, and I enjoy the live lessons as often my questions are answered. Though I do feel that the homework load is relatively a bit heavy, it is not excessive, and it is doable and helpful. The only thing is that sometimes the quizzes have errors in them, so I have to contact Mrs. Habacivch about them, but there are not too many errors, and other than that I have really enjoyed this class. I feel like the general structure of this class; with the great textbook, helpful live lesson, and various assignments; allows for students to truly understand the material and retain it.

Sarah (Student, Pre-AP Chemistry) March 3, 2020

I would highly recommend Mrs. Habacivch’s course. She covered each subject thoroughly so I was able to understand each concept, she gave helpful feedback on my assignments so I had the opportunity to excel, and she was always available if I had any questions.

Jenn (Parent, Pre-Calculus) March 3, 2020

Mrs. Habacivch does an excellent job explaining concepts and also providing personalized feedback to students. The class is very organized. In addition to making sure that students are understanding the material, she is also personable and caring towards her students. This has been my daughter’s favorite year for math. I have also found that Mrs. Habacivch is generous with her time when I have had questions about things such as the best math classes for my daughter to take going forward. I highly recommend this class!

Linda (Parent, Chemistry) February 28, 2020

I was a homeschool mom from the very beginning for my child. Before entering her first-year high school last year, I was eagerly seeking a strong science education resource for her. After thoroughly consideration, I decided to eliminate the choices of community college, self-pace home curriculum, and free online in-state science course. Though I never knew anyone study with Mrs. Habacivch from Aim Academy, but after a few email communications with Mrs. Habachivch before I signed up, I knew she is the one for my child.

I have these requirements in mind for an online science course:
1. The teacher will provide enough lab experience in the course.
2. The teacher held a small class, will show personal attention to the students with quick response for questions during the week.
3. The teacher will have live session regularly, even interact with the students during the online class.
4. The course is challenged but not overwhelmed, it can fully prepare my child for next advance level of AP science course, if we choose to.
5. Beyond sound knowledge, the teacher can demonstrate a trustful and respectful character in her profession.

Though a paid online course will be a concern for one income family, but I will never find anyone like Mrs. Habachivch, she is beyond our expectation, only because the guidance of my merciful God. I thank God for this amazing organized and diligent teacher Mrs. Habachivch, we look forward to continuing study with Mrs. Habachivch in different field she is teaching beyond science.

One more note, Aim Academy provides a platform that is very friendly to access my child’s homework and understand comments from Mrs. Habachivch, this is an extra praise for an online class!

Safiyah (Student, Geometry)–February 7, 2020

I took this Geometry course in my sophomore year of high school and would highly recommend it to anyone. Mrs. Susan Habacivch is a very kind, patient, and informative teacher. She definitely helped me with becoming more disciplined with my schedule and submission of assignments. She is great at explaining the concepts and breaking down the information. Her live classes were interactive and cleared up any questions i had regarding the topics. It does not take Mrs. H long to respond to messages in canvas which I found very helpful. This Geometry course was great and I truly enjoyed the class with Mrs. H.

Emily (Student in Pre-AP Chemistry)– June 4, 2019

I really enjoyed this course! Mrs. Habacivch made Chemistry interesting and engaging through her teaching and questions. She was always willing to answer our questions or help us with anything we didn’t understand. This course required a lot of work, but it was worth it to gain an excellent understanding of this challenging subject!

Gina (Parent Introduction to Chemistry and Physics)– May 31, 2019

My son took Introduction to Chemistry and Physics with Mrs. Habacivch and loved it. I appreciate that she was responsive and thorough when answering my son’s questions. Her class is very well organized and she incorporates interesting and informative videos in her lessons. My son enjoyed the live lessons as well; Mrs. Habacivch kept the class engaged with active participation. This was my son’s favorite class.

L. W. (Parent Pre-Calculus) 

Wow! I’ve never seen my son work so hard AND be so gratified for it. While this course does consume the largest part of his school day, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves math. This course requires much time and energy of him. But he’s getting such a reward! I’m thrilled to see this. Ms. Habacivch is super! My son responds well to her teaching style. She is well-organized and supports my son through the learning.

Grace (Student Advanced Algebra) 

Mrs. Habacivch,
I have recently taken college placement tests and the SAT, and thanks to you, have placed into the classes I needed to take. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I will always remember your teaching!
Thank you so much!

Ellie Kelcy (Student) 

Mrs. Habacivch is a wonderful teacher and helps you understand what your learning. I want to public school for my whole life and recently started homeschool but out of all the math teachers I had, I learned the most from her. She helps to explain certain problems in a way that helps you understand it best and she is a very kind, funny person. I would totally recommend this class to another because you get a lot out of it. I want to thank Mrs. Habacivch for all that she has done for me, helping me understand things a lot more, and preparing me for college.

Jodi Zell (Parent Algebra II and Pre-Calculus) 

My son recently graduated from high school and Mrs. Habacivch was his favorite teacher out of all his school years. He had her for Algebra II and Pre-calculus. In hind sight, I wished we had him take more classes from her. She was an answer to prayer in order to get our son ready for college and to enable him to pursue his interests in engineering. She pulled so much more out of Micah than I was ever able to and she challenged him in many ways. He worked very hard in her classes and learned a ton. When he did well on his SAT and received a scholarship to college, he told me that he would have never been able to achieve that without Mrs.’s Habacivch’s help. We highly recommend her and her classes! Thanks, Mrs. Habacivch!

Melissa (Parent Chemistry)  

Although I am capable of teaching many subjects, I am thankful there are excellent quality courses such as Pre-AP Chemistry. Mrs Habacivich is a great teacher. She is invested in her students’ understanding the material. When questions arise, she is easily reachable. The quantity of work is well-balanced.
If you need a solid Chemistry course for high school, I recommend this one.

Heather Sprenger (Parent Chemistry)  

We have been so pleased with both the course content and the instructor! The course has been a great fit for our son who was ready for some challenge and greater structure in science, though not quite ready for AP-level work. He especially enjoyed the labs. “Mrs H”, as the students call her, was encouraging and promptly responsive to any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this course!

Lisa Janenda (Parent Intro to Chemistry and Physics)  

My daughter has loved her Intro to Chemistry and Physics class with Mrs. Habacivch this year! The class is extremely well organized and challenging, going into more depth than I would have expected from a regular Physical Science class. Mrs. Habacivch is responsive, helpful and very knowledgeable. She does a great job getting the students to contribute during the live meetings – which can be difficult in an online format – but makes for a much more interesting and engaging class. The labs are informative, fun and very manageable, adding to the overall value of the class. In addition to communicating regularly with my daughter when she has questions, Mrs. Habacivch also checks in with parents and has taken time to answer all my questions thoroughly. I feel like my daughter has gotten excellent preparation for future Chemistry and Physics classes.