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The Science of Learning: How Brain Research Can Power Your Home School

By Debra Bell | February 17, 2017 | The Science of Learning

Making time to think about the big picture in homeschooling is hard.  Math lessons must be completed by lunch.  A co-op class must be planned for tomorrow. But if we don’t take time to think about how we ask our  kids to learn new information and why we use the teaching methods we do, we miss much of the unique opportunity homeschooling affords. We can cue our methods to each child’s cognitive development, if we just know what to look for.

And that is why I want to bring you a blog series on the latest breakthroughs in neurological brain research. Let me explain.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, neuroscience has become an exploding field.  We now know much more clearly how our brain functions and processes new information. We have research-backed theories that show us concrete steps we can take to make learning easier and, more importantly, long lasting for kids. Scientists have observed countless students in the process of studying and attempting to recall information. Many of the findings are surprising and challenge what has been commonly accepted as good study habits.

With my mom’s help (Debra Bell earned her PhD in educational psychology after she finished homeschooling us) I’ve combed through the research and boiled everything down to bite-size chunks on topics most relevant to homeschool parents. If you’re fascinated by this sort of thing (as I am) I provide links to more information and even the original studies. Additionally, I close each post with concrete ways this research can make your homeschool more effective.

There’s a lot to look forward to. The next post looks at focus and the two modes our brain uses to process information. Like Debra Bell’s Facebook page or sign up for our updates below to join me, as we explore the brain research that can power your home school.

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