American Sign Language 1

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From: $85.00 / month for 8 months

Grades:  7th–12th

Class (Sec 1):  Mon 2:00–3:00 p.m. ET

Dates:  Aug 26, 2024–May 9, 2025

Prepaid:  $599

Instructor:  Rachel Nance

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Course Description

 ASL1 Syllabus

This live online American Sign Language class is ideal for students in 7th-12th grades. Students will learn the most important signs used to communicate in ASL, as well as how to fingerspell (spell words out). In this course, students learn basic ASL grammar, the importance of facial expressions, and the use of space in sign language, learning how to incorporate these grammar concepts into their signing. We also learn about Deaf culture and work on receptive skills through authentic resources such as stories and signed books.

Course Structure

During live class each week, students will use the signs they have learned throughout the week to communicate with the teacher and other students. They will work on their receptive skills in both fingerspelling and signing. We will use stories and games to practice these skills.

Throughout the week, students will work through modules where they learn and practice the signs we will be using in the next class. It is very important that students always watch the videos before they come to class. They will also watch a video of a children’s book in ASL and learn a little bit about Deaf culture or ASL grammar. Lastly, they will take a quiz to test their new knowledge. Students will be expected to spend about half an hour a day, five days a week, on this course.

Who should enroll?

Students in grades 7-12 are welcome to enroll.

Technology Requirements

  • A computer (this class does not work well on a phone or tablet as students need to see each other)
  • A good webcam
  • High-speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to attend live classes each week

Evaluation and Feedback

The weekly quizzes will be auto-graded by the computer. This gives students the opportunity to learn from and correct their mistakes. Students will also record themselves asking and answering questions in ASL on Flipgrid; these will be personally graded by me each week. If students or parents have any questions or concerns, they are welcome to email me.


Students are always welcome to email me with any questions or about anything that they are struggling with. Messages are typically answered within 24 hours. Parents have access to their parent account to monitor their student’s progress, and parents are also welcome to email me with questions about the course.

Required Texts


No text is required for this course.

3 reviews for American Sign Language 1

  1. Logan

    I enjoyed this ASL class a lot. It exceeded my expectations. The class is well organized and assignments are consistent in content. Our review in class time helped me completely memorize the material.

  2. Sadie

    This is a great class for learning ASL! You learn lots of vocabulary and grammar in ways that are easy to remember, and there’s lots of practice time with other students.

  3. hilary.a.stanton (verified owner)

    My daughter loved this class and learned a great deal. She would enthusiastically share with us new signs she learned each week. The inclusion of children’s books helped reinforce vocabulary by repetition. She’s gone on to ASL 2 this year and is now beginning to think in ASL grammar without always having to translate from English.

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Instructor Bio

Rachel Nance

Rachel has taught ASL with Aim Academy since the 2020–21 school year and also taught Spanish for Aim for many years.  She and her husband homeschool their five children, and since 2023, Rachel has taught at a small outdoor private school in Arkansas. Rachel is fluent in Spanish and ASL.  She studied ASL in college, but did not put it to use for many years after that, until a Deaf couple started coming to her church.  At that point, she rediscovered her love for the language and was an interpreter for them for several years. Rachel has a BS in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.  She taught full-time prior to having children, and is now a full-time teacher again. Rachel loves to read, travel, spend time outdoors, run, do yoga and play tabletop games with her family.  Contact: rnance[at]

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