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Rachel Nance Reviews

Student (American Sign Language 1) – May 20, 2024

This course was amazing, I learned so much in a short amount of time and I have an amazing time learning it!

Student (American Sign Language 1) – May 7, 2024

I love all of the signs that I learned in this class. Before the school year was even finished, I was able to have a conversation with my aunt’s friend (whom is from the deaf community). I also liked how she provided different links for us to use, in case we had more questions about signs after the school year, or in between semesters…I can’t wait to continue my education in ASL… Thank you so much Mrs. Nance. I am thankful AIM exists.

Parent (American Sign Language 1) – May 6, 2024

We really enjoyed seeing our son learn so many different ASL signs. Even though this was ASL one, our son was able to communicate with an individual from the deaf community, and he was also able to translate at a family party. We are very happy and proud of the progress that our son made throughout the year. If your children would like to communicate with other ASL speaking individuals I would highly recommend this class. Thank you Mrs. Nance. Thank you AIM for existing. And offering so many opportunities for children to learn and excel.

Parent (American Sign Language 1) – April 30, 2024

Thank you for a great year learning ASL! Language might have been a difficult and frustrating class for my student because he is dyslexic and not very interested in learning another language. However, he had a great year! He learned a lot and did well in this class because it was clear, consistent and well taught. Looking forward to ASL 2 with Rachel next year!

Student (American Sign Language 2) – April 30, 2024

I love learning languages, especially ASL. I hope to become fluent one day and plan on continuing my education in ASL for a long time. Mrs. Nance not only teaches us how to sign but also about deaf culture and the nuances of the language we are learning. This has far and above been my favorite class this year.

Parent (American Sign Language 1) – May 2, 2023

Content-rich, challenging, fun course. She holds the kids to a high standard and gives interesting assignments. This class has ignited a strong interest in ASL for my daughter. She will continue her study of it in high school. I wish she could continue with Mrs. Nance!

Parent (Middle School Spanish) – April 25, 2023

My son has absolutely loved this class. He loves that the projects/assignments are very open-ended and can be meaningful to him. Mrs. Vance’s cheerful feedback is always so encouraging! I really like the kids learning Spanish in context of interesting topics. As mentioned above, Mrs. Vance is so encouraging and cheerful. She really makes class interesting and fun for the kids. Her teaching style motivated Caleb to do well and was always putting extra time in to perfect his projects. Mrs. Vance was always very quick to respond to emails and to grade assignments. Almost too quick! I hope you have a life! Lol!

Student (American Sign Language 1) – April 21, 2023

I was always interested in asl but this year I finally got to take a class. Mrs. Rachel has done a FANTASTIC job in both keeping the live class and learning portions engaging and fun while still teaching a lot of material. She is a very good teacher and adapts to your learning style. Her class does a fantastic job of very thoroughly teaching the material while not being repetitive or boring.

Student (Middle School Spanish) – September 27, 2022

I always learn new words even though I’ve already done Duolingo in past years. The projects really make the course interesting and fun. The teacher is really encouraging and I like implementing what I learned to my own life.

Parent (Spanish 2-4 w Embedded Geography) – September 26, 2022

The structure of the class facilitates learning in productive and fun manner. Mrs. Nance gives clear instructions for assignments.

Parent (Middle School Spanish) – September 22, 2022

I am very pleased with the class, the Spanish being learned, the other skills being learned, our students excitement about it all.

Parent (American Sign Language 1) – September 22, 2022

My daughter has picked up a lot already! This course is organized, repetitive (in a good way), and presents things differently if student’s don’t understand.

Student (Spanish 2-4 w Embedded Geography) – September 20, 2022

The resources Mrs. Nance provides us with are very interesting, and I think looking at my classmates’ projects is fun. Being able to speak/listen to Mrs. Nance and my classmates in Spanish is helping my Spanish-speaking skills a lot.

Parent (Spanish 2-4 w Embedded Economics) – March 25, 2022

Absolutely LOVE having an online Spanish Immersion option to learn other subjects in Spanish that help support advanced Spanish learners further develop their vocabulary while also improving and retaining their existing Spanish skills. Allowed further development in Spanish vocabulary while learning a new subject (ie, Economics) while both strengthening and retaining existing Spanish skills. LOVE IMMERSION CLASSES!

Student (American Sign Language 1) – March 25, 2022

This class is engaging and meaningful. It’s not another one of those boring high school courses that you can’t remember anything that you learned at the end of the year. The assignments are keyed out in a clear and concise format, yet they also give the right amount of challenge. I have learned more in this class than any other online high school course I have taken previously. Mrs. Nance makes the assignments enjoyable yet also appropriately academically challenging. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand. This is my favorite course I am taking this year!

Parent (American Sign Language 2) – March 25, 2022

My daughter has very much enjoyed both levels of ASL classes with Ms. Nance. She also has learned a great deal. The coursework is a reasonable quantity but enough to reinforce the concepts. Also, Ms. Nance picks engaging projects.

Hilary (American Sign Language 1) – February 23, 2022

My daughter loved this class and learned a great deal. She would enthusiastically share with us new signs she learned each week. The inclusion of children’s books helped reinforce vocabulary by repetition. She’s gone on to ASL 2 this year and is now beginning to think in ASL grammar without always having to translate from English.