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The Best of the Web for Teaching Writing

By Debra Bell | August 3, 2012 | by Debra Bell, High School, Writers in Residence

Aim Academy Pre-AP English teacher, Lauren Bailes, has compiled a list of the best interactive writing tools on the web you can use to help your kids learn to love the process of writing.  We’re making it available as a free PDF file you can download here.

Here is a snippet you will find inside:

Select & organize

There are thousands of graphic organizers out there, but
some are a little stale. Exploratree is the next generation of graphic
organizer. With dozens of templates plus customizable shapes, colors, and the
possibility for collaboration, this site is actually capable of capturing
thinking as it happens – and as it changes. (Bonus tech tool: use this teaching guide
for additional pointers with many graphic organizers.)


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