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Preparing for AP English: Free Printable!

By Lili Serbicki | May 3, 2018 | Aim Academy Online, Meet the Teachers

Enrolling in an AP English class can feel both exciting and intimidating. AP Language and AP Literature are great opportunities for students to leap into texts which contain interesting characters, beautiful language and important ideas. It also gives them a chance to explore those ideas in their own writing as they develop their analysis and argumentative skills and find their individual writing voice.

Of course, a primary reason parents choose AP courses for their high school students is to prepare them for the English Language and English Literature Advanced Placement Exams themselves. High-scoring students have the potential to earn college credit through taking these exams! If you earn an AP Exam score of 3 or higher, chances are you can receive credit, advanced placement or both from your college. For more on earning credit for your AP scores, check out this helpful resource from the College Board. My AP English Language and AP English Literature courses are both certified by the College Board, which means they are truly taught at an introductory college level and are strong, relevant preparation for the exams. It’s a confidence and maturity-building experience – and can earn college credit as well!

Back to that combination of excitement and intimidation: How do you know you are ready for an AP course? Is there any way to ensure you enter the AP classroom feeling comfortable and ready to sink your teeth into the texts?

Yes, absolutely!

Fortunately, there are very specific skillsets an AP teacher would love to see a student possess before they enter an AP English class. The printable resource included below has two parts: first I list the specific skills a student should strive to gain before an AP English course, and then I include a general “game plan” including specific classes which help to build those skills! The resource helps to plan from junior high; however, if you have a high school student who would love to join an AP course this fall but would like an additional “skills boost” I have a summer class which is especially geared to help: Introduction to Advanced Placement English Writing (summer session).

Happy planning! If you have any questions about AP courses, feel free to reach me at lserbickiap@gmail.com.

AP Prep Printable

Lili Serbicki teaches AP English Literature, AP English Language, and Creative Writing for Aim Academy. This summer she is also offering Intro to AP English Writing, Senior High Creative Writing, Junior High Creative Writing, and SAT English Prep.

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