U.S. History: From the Pre-Columbian Era through Reconstruction (Self-Paced)

From: $85.00 / month for 8 months

Grades:  9th–12th

Class:  No live class (asynchronous)

Dates:  Rolling start each month (indicate start month on comments section of order form). Must complete within 10 months.

Prepaid:  $599

Instructor:  Sarah Jackson


Course Description

U.S. History Syllabus coming soon

Note: This course is rolling admission that begins at the beginning of each month starting June of 2024. In the comments section of the order form, please indicate the month you would like to start the course. You must complete the course within 10 months unless other arrangements are made. If no month is indicated on the order form, your enrollment will be added to the next month.

This is a 2-semester program combining two U.S. History courses from The Nomadic Professor: To Begin the World Over Again: from the pre-Columbian Americas to the ratification of the Constitution, and The Noise of Democracy: from Washington’s Presidency to the end of Reconstruction. The course will be taught by Nomadic Professor instructor, Sarah Jackson. 

This course was designed with two big goals in mind: (1) to help the student become a master of American history, from Christopher Columbus through Ulysses S. Grant, and (2) to help the student become a master of source material from primary historical sources to contemporary sources of all kinds—Internet articles, social media posts, political speeches, and everything between. Students will learn the complex story of the American past, alongside the ability to think of history in terms of evidence and claims, more than black-and-white categories like “true” and “false.” They’ll be engaged by a college professor—The Nomadic Professor himself—bringing them on-location historical mini-lessons from all over the globe (featuring backdrops from Ecuador to Mississippi to Belgium to India, and dozens more!), while being guided through all the fascinating stories and their implications by an experienced high school teacher.

History is the place to go for nuance, context, epistemic humility, and concentrated, deliberate efforts to get things right. This course will try to achieve that compelling and engrossing version of the subject!

Course Structure

Students will be required to complete assigned work for each week. This will include the weekly reading and on-location videos, the end-of-unit pre-recorded document-based lessons, as well as the accompanying notes and assignments. All assignments for the week should be submitted in Canvas prior to deadlines.

This is a 32-week course. Students should plan on approximately 1 hour of work per school day, and up to 1.5 hours a day for limited stretches of time depending on the reading and source material for a given week.

Who should enroll?

This class is designed for students following an Honors track in grades 9-12. As an Honors course it will push students to think deeply and carefully, and perhaps to engage with the material with the kind of insight that comes from being interested in a subject, rather than merely doing what’s required.

Students need to plan on attending live classes with their cameras on. Our work will be most productive when we can see each other, talk to each other, and focus for our limited time together. Students do not need to be experts in history, experts in writing, or experts in source analysis to take this course, but to get the most out of it they should want to be here.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • PDF editing software that will allow you to type into and save a PDF form

Evaluation and Feedback

I will be available by email as well as prearranged video call during available work hours (as set forth in the course syllabus). Video calls will be set for default 15-minute windows. While I will reach out where I see a need or a problem, students who are struggling should take the initiative to openly engage with me and their classmates. Usually, a video call will need to be scheduled at least a day in advance.

Students will receive a rubric with comments in response to all written work. Quizzes will be electronically assessed with built-in feedback.


Parental support will significantly improve the results of most students. Parents are welcome to reach out to me directly with questions, or be present during prearranged video calls with their student(s). I can be reached at sjackson@aimacademy.online, and you can expect a response within 48 hours. However, please bear in mind that this is an honors-level high school course, so students should also be capable of taking their own initiative in most cases. I encourage parents who have questions that should come from their students to push the student to ask the question on their own.

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Instructor Bio

Sarah Jackson

After an idyllic childhood growing up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree from BYU and her Master’s from Temple University. Most of her adult life has been spent living in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Since 2016, she has been on the road with the Nomadic Professor, editing audio and video and assisting in the filming of on-location lectures in 48 US States and 35 countries (and counting). Sarah has 14 years of experience homeschooling her four children. She has also been teaching courses at the college level since 2018.

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