High School Academic Writing 2

From: $90.00 / month for 5 months

Grades:  9th–10th (8th graders with instructor approval)

Class:  Mon 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. ET

Dates (2nd Sem):  Jan 8–May 3

Price:  $399

Instructor: Devon Kelly


Course Description

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This course may be combined with High School Academic Writing 1 (first semester) for a full English credit at a discounted price. See High School Academic Writing to register for the full-year course.

High School Academic Writing 2 will help students master essay writing according to the three modes of writing—narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion/argument. Students will receive instructor support through each step of the writing process allowing them to strengthen their analytical skills and build confidence. They will also have the opportunity to give and receive feedback in Peer Reviews.

As a class, we will respect the value and creativity of what each student has to say, and through feedback and revision, students will learn how to write exactly what they mean. By the end of the semester, students will have written a personal narrative essay, an explanatory synthesis essay, and an argumentative essay in addition to shorter writing assignments.

Students will do the following:

  • Sharpen ideas through prewriting activities
  • Find and evaluate sources
  • Develop and refine theses for different purposes in writing
  • Create logical flow within an essay
  • Analyze and synthesize research
  • Use research to support an argument
  • Refine voice, word choice, and sentence fluency

Course Structure

We will meet weekly for interactive live classes. Students may expect the following elements in Canvas:

  • Mentor texts including scholarly writing, creative writing, and persuasive speeches
  • Editing assignments to practice conventions
  • Discussion boards
  • Prewriting submissions due as prerequisites for formal writing assignments
  • Essays
  • Videos to watch

Who should enroll?

This course is designed for 9th–10th graders (8th graders with instructor approval) who want to develop their voices through academic writing and build confidence in every part of the writing process.  While not required, students who have taken High School Academic Writing 1 (or an equivalent) will be well-prepared for this course.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Web cam, sound card, and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • A word processor and the ability to convert Pages documents to Word documents or PDFs

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will receive feedback on the first draft of each essay as well as on their theses and outlines. Students will be able to revise and edit their writing before receiving a final grade according to the course rubrics. The rubrics show students how their work will be evaluated, and students will not be graded on something that is not covered in a rubric. Discussion boards are graded according to simple rubrics. Prewriting and brainstorming assignments are graded for completion. Grammar and editing quizzes are automatically graded in Canvas.

Students will also have opportunities to workshop their essays and receive feedback from their classmates.


Parents are welcome to email me with any questions they have about the course at dkelly@aimacademy.online. Students will receive a welcome email and syllabus with important course information before the semester begins. I appreciate questions from students, and I respond to emails within 24-48 hours. Students will also receive guidance from me in Announcements throughout the semester.

Required Texts


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Instructor Bio

Devon Kelly

Devon Kelly has taught writing and literature online since 2014, and she holds a BA in English from Thomas Edison State University. As a former homeschooler who understands the unique challenges homeschoolers face, she finds it rewarding to support homeschooling students. She strongly believes that each student has something valuable to say. Her goal is to encourage creative thinking while giving students the tools they need to communicate effectively. Contact: dkelly[at]aimacademy.online


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