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Nate Gilbert Reviews

Parent (Introduction to Economics) – May 8, 2024

Mr. Gilbert ushered our child deeper into the vocabulary and understanding of economics. The live classes, assignments and games were a priority to Keaton to attend and complete. He was engaging and delivered ample material with ease and maintaining the student’s interest. It’s a valuable class taught well.

Parent (AP U.S. Government) – May 7, 2024

Well thought out course with a clear purpose to help your student grow into an in depth understanding of US govt. Class discussions encourage participation. This course did take a lot of time each week. It helps if you already know AP writing strategies before class begins, which my son did not have. Once he sought help in this outside of the course, he better understood how to complete weekly work efficiently.

Student (AP U.S. Government) – April 29, 2024

Mr. Gilbert is a great teacher and very willing to work through issues, even doing further research for you if there is a question posed that he does not understand. There is a lot of work- budget your time well!! But overall, it prepares you incredibly well for the AP- after doing all the assignments by hand, the FRQ questions on the AP test are not difficult.

Student (Introduction to Government) – Feb 1, 2024

Mr. Gilbert was an amazing teacher in all aspects. As History and Government isn’t my favorite subject, I was going into this class to learn without much enthusiasm, but Mr. Gilbert made live classes fun and interactive, asked many questions regarding all the topics he was covering, made sure students understood, and gave in-depth explanations and comments on assignments and homework. Every week I was looking forward to joining the next live session!

Mr. Gilbert was all you could ask for a teacher: enthusiastic about teaching the subject, knowledgeable in the subject, interactive, informative, and takes the time to flesh out the important things in all subjects and assignments. I have so much gratitude for Mr. Gilbert being my teacher for this class!

Student (Introduction to Economics) – Feb 1, 2024

This topic is interesting to me, and I found that it was taught in a relevant and engaging manner. This class is taught in a way that gives actual economic advice and I think that this information will be very useful to me in the future.

Student (Introduction to Government) – Jan 31, 2024

This is one of the most important classes I have ever taken. I highly value civics and knowing how the government works/how I’m meant to function as a citizen, and this class was a very comprehensive overview of that. Each lecture was engaging and the homework assignments were perfect supplements to the topic discussed each week. Mr. Gilbert, in keeping with his other classes I’ve taken/am taking, presents the most important and most notable details about a subject in the live class and then has us branch off into specific details for homework. I really like this model a lot, since we don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time having to memorize details that really don’t matter as much, getting lost and bogged down in the mud in the process. I’ve had that happen with social studies classes where I was too busy learning about what specific materials ancient civilizations used to build their canoes that I never really got the overarching timeline and big idea of why we were even learning about them in the first place. Mr. Gilbert’s classes are the antithesis to that; a new topic is discussed each week, building upon the weeks before, and each one is linked together so that I not only had a well-rounded understanding of the topics themselves but also a well-rounded understanding of how they all fit together. The layout of this course is perfect!

Mr. Gilbert is excellent at making his classes feel like a whole-class conversation the entire time (I’ve taken World Geography, Intro to Government, and I’m currently taking Intro to Economics). He calls on students at random, keeping us on our feet and actively thinking about the topic at hand. He gives each student an equal chance to respond to any given issue, and he’s completely unbiased in his responses. I mean that literally—***completely*** unbiased, because never once did he let on to what his own thoughts were; in my opinion, that’s a superhuman ability that is so necessary in teaching students how to think and not what to think. Not that bias is bad— I hold the view that to take bias out of a person is almost to take their humanity away—but when it’s in a teaching setting, being unbiased is necessary for cultivating thinking that matters, and Mr. Gilbert excels at this extraordinarily.

As for the Intro to Government course in particular, the greatest benefit to me was learning the history of why the government is the way it is, and in light of that history, figuring out how to respond to certain issues. That sounds kind of vague, but that’s really the only way I can put it. I actually changed my opinion on some things because I was persuaded with newfound knowledge of what the Constitution says and what actually happened historically. This class was valuable to get me to actually think about what I believed in context, rather than just believing what people I trust say.

Student (World Geography & Cultures) – Jan 31, 2024

Mr. Gilbert makes every class and assignment fun and engaging. I believe the class is great because it gives you the leeway to get your work done on your own time while still having a deadline.

Student (AP U.S. Government) – May 2, 2023

The class was interesting and Mr. Gilbert did a good job asking questions in class and keeping the students engaged.

Student (World Geography & Cultures) – April 24, 2023

I though this course was interesting and I enjoyed the content. The conversations in class were very beneficial. The ice breakers are a great way to start the class!

Student (Introduction to Government) – April 20, 2023

Mr. Gilbert was a good teacher and I enjoy the subject. He helped in expanding my knowledge on this subject and answering any questions I have. The course was just very useful for learning about geography in general. I really enjoyed the assignments that included coloring on maps as it helped me to understand the places and I would recommend even more.

Student (Introduction to Economics) – April 17, 2023

I really enjoy the class, it has taught me a lot and Professor Gilbert does a wonderful job teaching!I believe that the subject of economics is very confusing and many times misunderstood and by being part of this class and learning what and how economics are incorporated and used in real life is very beneficial. Thank you for teaching this class, you do an amazing job and I would like to thank you 🙂.

Parent (World Geography & Cultures) – March 6, 2023

The teacher’s knowledge of how to focus and where to focus worldwide so the student actually grips a worldwide view of culture and geography – it is so helpful (and in a short semester course)! I didn’t get the grasp my daughter has in a couple months with Mr. Gilbert in all of my high school and college years in public school. No exaggeration either. I study his material as well …it is THAT interesting. His personality is perfect and my daughter even though she dislikes math, wants to take his economics class solely because of Mr. Gilbert’s style and demeanor.

This course is perfection as is. Don’t mess with it; Mr. Gilbert is stellar. One of the highlights for my daughter and I agree with her, was his choice to focus on North and South Korea. So important and so very interesting. Glad he didn’t focus on China. His choices are perfect. The weekly lay out is excellent as well; makes it simple and feels like a trip around the world but without being overwhelmed or confusing. I can’t say enough about this course and teacher. So dynamic, so interesting and it’s all because of the teacher’s choices and design. I’ve seen some great classes during our homeschool journey, this is my number one so far. We don’t want this one to end.

Parent (AP US Government) – September 27, 2022

The homework challenges my student and encourages her to really analyze the material that is taught. The use of zoom for class discussion allows for increased understanding and different insite from her peers. The teacher is definitely encouraging higher level thinking and my student should be more than prepared for the AP exam in the spring.

Parent (AP US Government) – September 26, 2022

Me Gilbert is very responsive and organized with this course. My son loves the weekly lectures and has enjoyed the assigned textbook as well. The class is very challenging but Mr. Gilbert provides the resources needed to complete the assignments. I love the critical thinking that is required for the class and have seen tremendous growth in just the first few weeks that my son has participated. 

Student (World Geography & Cultures) – September 22, 2022

Good course material, interesting subject. Good in-class information, and good recap quiz afterwards.

Parent (Introduction to Economics) – September 21, 2022

The course is taught at a good pace, my daughter absorbs the material smoothly and easily. Course material is clear. Feedback is good. Parent access to grades and feedback is very good. Teacher involves everyone with the lecture, keeping students engaged.

Student (Intro to Government) – September 21, 2022

I am genuinely learning a lot and consider myself relatively engaged despite this not generally being my main subject interest.

Student (Intro to Economics) – September 20, 2022

I really enjoy the class and enjoy participating in class discussion. Being able to participate in class and ask questions is great and I like how we learn about something in class and then we do homework assignments on that thing. So we as least have a starting point on the homework and it builds off of that to learning new things.

Student (Introduction to Economics) – April 1, 2022

I have learned a lot in this class. The knowledge that I have gained has opened my eyes to the adult world, which I will soon be entering. Through Mr. Gilbert’s lessons and thought-provoking assignments, my mind has been broadened as well as being a more aware citizen. Both Intro. to Economics and Intro. to Government have been beneficial and enjoyable. I was happy overall with the way it ran and the workload. To me, the biggest benefit was gaining information about my country and how money is dealt with in society. It really opened my eyes to whole other part of the world and my country that I did not know before. I have really enjoyed this class.

Parent (Introduction to Government) – April 1, 2022

The class covered more aspects of government and at a deeper level than I expected, but this was done in a way that was still accessible to my (not-social science loving) son. Assignments and expectations were clear. He gave good feedback. My son (who can be a bit shy & reserved) seemed to feel comfortable with him.

Parent (Introduction to Economics) – March 31, 2022

The course content is relevant, informative, and factual. Excellent communication, an adequate amount of thoughtful assignments, and well-chosen content.

Parent (AP U.S. Government & Politics) – March 25, 2022

Mr. Gilbert provides a well organized course. His assignments are extremely useful in that they ask for application of material students are learning. No busy work! Everything assigned has value. Mr. Gilbert consistently explains concepts in a way that helps students gain the most from this course. His guidance during class discussion is key. He allows students to discuss their opinions and application of class material. He will help redirect students when they are struggling with concepts. No demeaning or embarrassing of students. My daughter feels comfortable taking the risk to discuss topics knowing that Mr. Gilbert will never make her feel badly for being incorrect. That’s the mark of an excellent educator.

Student (AP U.S. Government & Politics) – March 25, 2022

Mr. Gilbert is very good at explaining concepts and clarifying/finding another type of explanation if a student does not understand. The class moves quickly, but I feel like I always have a firm grasp on the concepts covered. Everyone is encouraged to analyze ideas and answer questions in class, but Mr. Gilbert does not get frustrated or embarrass anyone for not knowing an answer. The projects in the class create lots of opportunities to connect class concepts to more real-life events, which can be challenging, but it aids in understanding the material. The assignments and essays in this class have improved my thesis-defending skills, which will help me on the AP exam coming soon. My favorite assignments are the ones that cover Supreme Court cases.

Parent (Introduction to Government) – March 25, 2022

Intro to Government course is thorough and a healthy challenge for high schoolers. This is NOT a fluff Government course but a quality one. The live portion is critical for students. Nate definitely sets a high bar and hold the kids to it, in a positive way with lots of great feedback.

P.P. (Student, AP U.S. Government & Politics) – September 3, 2021

Mr. Gilbert is a great teacher who fully prepared me for the AP exam even though we only had class once a week. The class was fun to participate in and we were able to discuss a variety of issues from different viewpoints in a respectful manner because of how he led class. Mr. Gilbert guided discussions and answered our many questions without ever leaving me lost on a subject. I was continuously surprised by my classmates and their research outside of the classroom which was undoubtedly driven by passion and curiosity that began in the classroom. AP Gov and Politics was the class I was most excited for every week and although we were definitely pushed to do our best work, it was much more organized than many of my other classes which lead to this class being very manageable for anyone who stays on top of their work. When it came time to study for the AP exam, I felt like I was prepared well enough to focus on other classes after doing the review he assigned as classwork. I was correct in this assumption as I received a 5 on the exam and feel as though that is all due to Mr. Gilbert’s amazing teaching. I would also like to add that I really enjoyed the projects and homework outside of class. They really pushed us to not only recall historical information but apply those same ideas to other issues. I went through this entire class without knowing Mr. Gilbert’s general political affiliation because he approached political issues by asking questions, introducing concepts, and providing possible rebuttals to all of our answers rather than just telling us his viewpoint. I feel as though for every issue our class approached, we approached it in five different ways, which I had never truly experienced in a social science class before. Given the chance, I would gladly take another class with Mr. Gilbert because of the way it not only prepared me for the AP exam but for how it completely changed how I think about politics and the world around me.

Student (Economics) https://www.aimacademy.online/onlineclasses/introduction-to-economics/

“I took Intro to Economics during my second semester as a senior in high school and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about economics and some of it really interested me. During the weekly class Mr. Gilbert did a great job of explaining topics and incorporating discussion and interaction amongst the students about the topics we were learning about, which was nice because a lot of classes nowadays are just lecture. He always answered emails quickly and was able to answer any questions anyone had (if he couldn’t answer on the spot, he’d research it and answer later). The weekly workload wasn’t overwhelming and sometimes there’d be games related to the topics we were learning about, which made it fun! Overall, it was a great class and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning the basics of economics.”

Kimberly M. 

“Intro to economics was by far one of the most information filled classes I have taken in my four years of high school. We cover the entire economic process and how the American economy relates and compares to other economies around the world. All of the material we covered was genuinely fun, Mr. Gilbert’s teaching style is very interactive which makes this online class feel much more than just a zoom call. Mr. Gilbert’s teaching style is easy to follow along with and he always seems to have an answer to any question. On the off chance he does not know the answer he will write it down and personally look into it and post the answer in the discussion section of Canvas, this commitment really stood out to me. In all having taken two of Mr. Gilbert’s classes, intro to Government and intro to Economics, I can strongly recommend both the material that is covered, and the teacher that is Mr. Gilbert.”

Sam T.

“Mr. Gilbert is a great teacher I can’t complain at all. The in class discussions were the best I have had for an online course, and the assignments were all relevant and totally manageable. He gives great feedback on all the assignments and makes sure the information is all clearly covered.”

Nicholas R.

“I wanted to take this class because I felt that understanding our economy would be useful once I got out of high school. This class definitely helped me learn about not just how our economy works but how it is important and I am really glad I took the class.”

Tood O(Government):   https://www.aimacademy.online/onlineclasses/introduction-u-s-government/

“I loved this class! Mr. Gilbert is a very professional teacher that always gets things graded on time and is very organized. The class is laid out very nicely with assignments, powerpoints and the recording very easy to find and are uploaded very quickly. Highly recommend this class!

Daniel E.

“This course was well structured and the material was presented in a way that was easily understood as well as in a non-biased manner. I appreciated the non-biased information presented during the classes and the homework questions encouraging me to think about both sides of an argument or issue. Overall, I really liked this class and I now have a much better understanding of how government works.”

Kayleah Y.

“I recommend this class to anyone looking for a government class. Mr. Gilbert is an amazing teacher! He responds quickly to emails, gives great feedback on assignments, and keeps class interesting. Homework is challenging, but definitely manageable. I learned so much through both the lectures and the assignments.”

Student (Government AND Economics) https://www.aimacademy.online/onlineclasses/government-and-economics/

“Mr. Gilbert has done a fantastic job of making supposedly “boring” subjects like government and economics into one of the most interesting and fun classes I have ever taken. He was able to keep live classes alive with discussions with the students about topics. I would love to take future classes with him because I know I am confident that I will not be disappointed!” Margaret C.

Collin T. (AP Government)  https://www.aimacademy.online/onlineclasses/ap-u-s-government/

“I enjoyed AP US and feel that it has prepared me well for the AP exam. Since the practice mixes with College Board review, students feel as if they are preparing directly for the test – something that this class did very well! Nate Gilbert is also an excellent teacher. Any opportunity to take one of his classes is a blessing!”

Emilio L.

“Mr. Gilbert is a great teacher who fully prepared me for the AP exam even though we only had class once a week. Class was fun to participate in and we were able to discuss a variety of issues from different viewpoints in a respectful manner. Mr. Gilbert guided discussions and answered our many questions without ever leaving me lost on a subject.”


“This is an excellent class if you want to understand American government and prepare yourself for the AP exam. Mr. Gilbert is one of my favorite teachers; he is always responsive and the live classes are always enjoyable. This was truly one of my favorite classes this year.”

Sarah R. (Student, Introduction to U.S. Government) – May 12, 2021

Intro to US Government is an excellent class for any student looking to gain a fundamental understanding of the inner workings, principles, and structure of our government. The live lectures were informative and topics covered in class were reinforced and explored in deeper ways through the weekly assignments. The assignments encourage students to think critically and to synthesize the material that they read, further reinforcing information learned. Mr. Gilbert was an engaging lecturer, and his genuine enjoyment of the subject was clear in his teaching. He encouraged open discussions in the class between students, and created an open and fair environment where students felt comfortable to ask questions or exchange ideas. Having finished this class, I now have a strong foundation of knowledge about our government which I did not have before.

Josiah B. (Student, Government and Economics) – April 30, 2021

Great course, very challenging and informative.

Zoe (Student, AP U.S. Government) – April 28, 2021

By the first day I could tell Mr. Gilbert was passionate about U.S. government. His live classes are fun, perfectly divided between lecture and discussion. The homework is diverse, including short-answer questions based on reading, quizzes, essays, projects, and more! I found that the assignments challenged me to not only remember facts but to apply concepts and think deeply about situations. This class was refreshing in terms of political debate because students with different opinions disagree respectfully. Learning about today’s political parties and how they evolved also helped me become a more relaxed news reader- now I understand the motivation behind statements made by people of all parties and am able to scrutinize arguments from several angles. The class has not only furthered my understanding of the U.S. government, but also a deep appreciation for how it functions. Needless to say, after this class I will definitely become more active in politics. Thanks to Mr. Gilbert’s guidance in the review weeks, I am confident in my ability to succeed on the AP test. I highly recommend this class!

Tatiana L. (Student in World Geography and Cultures) – November 3, 2020

I really like how everyone is involved with the class. Mr. Gilbert is always letting us go on mic and give our opinions about whatever subject is being discussed. I find that very helpful. Especially hearing all of the students give their opinions because it helps me keep an open mind. It as well, helps me learn more and gives me something to think about.

Josh R. (Student in AP U.S. Government) – August 4th, 2020

Mr. Gilbert is a fantastic instructor! He is very thorough when explaining information, went out of his way to help me understand course concepts whenever I needed help, and was very good at facilitating class discussions, particularly among students with different points of view. He was incredibly understanding when I needed an extension, but also pushed me at times in order to bring out my best, which I’m very grateful for. Overall, he’s a very laidback teacher which is great for creating a supportive classroom atmosphere. If you’re willing to put a fair bit of work into his class, Mr. Gilbert will give you a wonderful understanding of how our government operates and will prepare you very well for the AP US Government exam. I can’t recommend him more highly!

Gillian P. (Student in Introduction to U.S. Government) – April 30th, 2020

It is a great course that is very beneficial to the student. The assignments are influential to the students understanding of the government, and the classes are full of helpful information. Nate Gilbert is and amazing teacher who is easy to communicate with, and breaks down the basics of U.S government. It is a great course for students of all levels, challenging perspective and influencing our decisions.

Teagan R. (Student in Economics and Government) – May 1st, 2020

The class is very engaging and just the right amount of challenging. If you are thinking of taking this course it is a great overview of economics and government, and a bit of how the two work together. I hardly knew anything about the subject before this year but now I think I have a very clear idea of it.

Skylar C. (Student in Introduction U.S. Government) – May 4th, 2020

This course was a fantastic introduction to government. The course content was interesting and Mr. Gilbert provided engaging live classes that allow for the student to be part of the discussion and develop his or her own thoughts and opinions. As someone who will be able to vote for the first time in the next election, I feel well prepared and knowledgeable after taking this course!

Cheyenne (Student in Introduction U.S. Government) – May 5th, 2020

This class was very challenging but it was also a very fun class for me. Seeing new people and having a class with them was really awesome. Even though this class was hard for me I still learned a lot most of the stuff you taught me was stuff I probably have not heard about. Overall thank you for teaching me and taking your time to teach this class I really enjoyed it.

Rudy (Student in AP U.S. Government) – May 6th, 2020

As a student, this course has given me a foundational understanding of government and taught me the history of both present and past governments of the United States, their differences, and how American governing principles have evolved. The class incorporates events that provide different perspectives of concepts learned throughout the class and makes students integrate their knowledge into their assignments. Overall, this was one of my favorite courses and has benefitted me greatly and informed me of both the basic and complex portions of the U.S. Government and taught me how to become more involved in politics!

Eliyahu Masinter (Student in AP U.S. Government) – May 4, 2020

Mr. Gilbert is an outstanding person and teacher who challenges his students to learn to their full potential. I really enjoyed all of his classes which are full of fascinating and relevant information along with interesting conversations. I could not recommend this class more to anyone who wants a very thorough understanding on how our government functions and interacts with society. He is truly an amazing teacher and his classes are always the highlight of my week.

Phoebe (Student in Economics and Government) – May 5, 2020

I really enjoyed taking Economics and Government with Mr. Gilbert! All the lectures were helpful and informative as he does a great job in explaining concepts. The assignments were also interesting and really beneficial to my understanding of these subjects. Mr. Gilbert was always quick to respond to questions and gave helpful feedback on all the homework assignments. Highly recommend!

Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Grandparent in AP US Government) – May 6. 2020

This AP U.S. Government course taught by Nate Gilbert has truly enhanced my life. Did I take it? No, I wish I did but I did do the next best thing. I have a close relationship with a g’son who did take this course. The resulting conversations, analyses, and discussions we enjoyed have been a highlight of my year. Mr. Gilbert fueled my g’son’s interest and what is more, his passion thus contributing significantly to his intellectual maturation making him not only a far better informed person but also a better person in many important ways. Astonishingly, my g’son developed a deep connection, not only with the course substance but with the instructor himself. Although I eavesdropped on a few amazing lessons, I still don’t quite grasp the magic of how Mr. Gilbert accomplished this through a computer screen but he did. In my experience, Nate Gilbert is a rare and remarkable teacher and I encouraged my g’son to try and take another course with him. Any course.

Eddie Kasper (Student in Introduction to US Government) – May 7, 2020

Mr. Gilbert was an excellent teacher and even better at breaking down ideas. I learned so much overall and greatly enjoyed the class discussions. If you are debating wether to take this class or not, I would say don’t think twice and just do it!

Caia Shannon (Student in Economics and Government April 29th, 2020

Mr. Gilbert was a great teacher! I took both his Introduction to Economics and Introduction to U.S. Government. He always made sure to answer anyone’s questions. He also was always very quick at responding if I would email him a question or concern. He also always offered feedback on all of my assignments, helping me learn if I had made a mistake instead of just marking it wrong. He was also very friendly. Every time we’d start a live class, he would greet each student by name and ask them how they were. His live classes were always informative. He explained the information in a way that was easy to understand and always clarified if necessary. He was always very good about respecting a student’s opinion on a subject and would often ask students’ opinions on matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Gilbert’s Introduction to Economics and Introduction to U.S. Government!

Olivia (Student in Economics and Government May 31

Mr. Gilbert’s classes were great! He helps his students to understand what they are learning, not just memorize facts. The homework and quizzes he assigns help you to retain and continue to think about what was discussed in class. Mr. Gilbert is a friendly teacher, and I would recommend him to anyone who has an interest in government or economics.

Eliyahu Masinter (Student in Economics and Government May 9

Mr. Gilbert’s classes were, without a doubt, the highlight of my year. I always looked forward to the live sessions and the work itself was always very interesting. I learned so much in so little amount of time. He always wrote comments on all of my work that told me exactly what I had to fix and what I did a great job on. I’m sorry the classes are over. Mr. Gilbert was the best teacher I ever had. I really recommend taking his classes.

Nicole M. (Parent in Economics and Government May 9

My daughter enjoyed Mr. Gilbert’s class because he was thorough in his explanations, fair in his grading, and loved that topics were debated. She learned a great deal and had fun while doing so. Mr. Gilbert was quick in his responses to questions and helpful when further explanation was needed.

Jessy Roberts  June 5

I have really enjoyed this class. The teacher always makes or breaks the learning experience and you have made government and economics my favorite subjects. You are an amazing teacher and I was glad to be under your guidance.

Tammie Martin  

My son took two of Mr. Gilbert’s classes —Intro to Government and Intro to Economics. He was challenged and grew as a student and thinker in both classes. The format and layout of these classes is excellent —students are required to do assignments that demonstrate mastery and application of the material taught. Mr. Gilbert also grades homework quickly, gives great feedback, and positively engages the students in class discussions. 5 stars!!


Your class was one of my daughter’s favorites. She found it very interesting and loved your teaching style. She will be graduating so she won’t be able to take Econ with you. We definitely would have taken it with you had we found you sooner.

Tracy J. (Intro to U.S. Government)  

I was very impressed with the material and content of the course. It was not busy work, but a carefully designed and well thought out curriculum. My middle school daughter was a bit overwhelmed at the start of the class. But, Mr Gilbert was very patient and fair. By the end of the class, my daughter had gained confidence and started to excel. I would definitely recommend this course and others taught by Mr Gilbert.

W. M. (Economics) 

This course is definitely a 5/5 rating! It was a very engaging classroom and I love how everything in it was set up, including the quizzes. It did not seem that we were being overloaded with useless work, and the work that we did get was easy to retain and memorize. The teaching style was fantastic and very friendly which made it much easier to learn and remember important information. Overall it was fantastic!

Daphne Patch  

I didn’t know anything about economics and Mr. Gilbert taught the class very well and I learned a lot from him. He explains very thoroughly and gave many examples about the material being taught. He keeps the class engaged and makes it enjoyable to learn. I will be taking his government class this semester.

Economics Student  

This was an excellent class. Nathaniel Gilbert is a professional and competent teacher. He was very clear in his expectations and explanations of the material. He also made the topics relevant to the students in a way that maintained their interest. I really appreciated the homework and quiz portion which allowed me to know that the student was retaining the information. I would have no reservations in recommending this class to other students.


Mr. Gilbert is an enjoyable teacher to take classes with. He is calm, relaxed, and knowledgeable. He covers a good amount of content, and he asks lots of questions to keep the students involved and thoughtfully interacting with what they’re learning.


I was very impressed with Mr. Gilbert! My 12 year old dd wrote a review “I really like this teacher because, he is very thorough and makes sure that you know the subject before you move on. He is very nice, and he explains the topic simply so you understand. He taught me this class even though I was the only one there. He is a good teacher and I believe that I will be taking some future classes with him.” If he offers more classes She will definitely attend!

Jon Adler  

Mr. Gilbert was one my favorite high school teachers. He had a great knowledge and love for what he taught. He challenged me to see and understand the larger picture beyond just memorizing facts.