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Why Homeschooling Works–From the Research

By Debra Bell | April 5, 2022 | Homeschool For Success

Homeschool Works Podcast, Season 1, Episode 1

My daughter, Kayte, a second-generation homeschool mom, and I have long talked about doing a podcast together (we are podcast junkies ourselves). With her persistence and technical knowhow, we finally found the time to pull it off. Our first two seasons are in the can and available on your favorite podcast app.


In our very first episode or our new Homeschool Works podcast, Kayte and I look at the research behind why homeschooling works. Everything we cover will help you focus on what’s most important in the design of your own home school. Spoiler alert, it is all about tailoring to the unique needs of each child. And we have suggestions on how to actually make that happen. We’re also going to be talking about interest, and why it’s so important to spark our kids interest. Before we start teaching them. We close out with ideas on how to pique the interest of your most reluctant learner, I learned so much while recording this episode with my mom, and I’m really excited to share it with all of you. So why well, the school works? What’s the purpose of this podcast? Like? What were we thinking when we decided to start this?


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