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What Sets Us Apart?

Our History

Debra Bell started Aim Academy in 2011 after teaching AP English online for 10 years. Her initial purpose was to offer classes that were aligned with AP, CLEP, and SAT exams so students were better prepared to score high on these by the end of high school. Friends, family members, and former students quickly joined her faculty. Each year we’ve had double digit growth in enrollment–and more recently, triple-digit growth.

Since then Aim Academy class list has expanded and our faculty has grown. We now offer a full slate of college prep middle school and high school courses, along with a growing number of elementary and special interest classes.

We Welcome All Students Who Want to Succeed

Because our primary focus is to prepare students for college success, our classes are nonsectarian. Our course content is sensitive to the concerns of conservative and Christian families, but not explicitly Christian in focus. Are Our Classes for Your Family?

  • If you want live weekly classes taught by qualified, warm, supportive, and organized teachers, then our classes are for you.
  • If you want your child to earn college credit for his or her high school work through equivalency exam testing (such as AP or CLEP) then our classes are for you.
  • If you want your child to earn his or her best score on ACT and SAT college exams, then our classes are for you.
  • If you want classes that are college prep and nonsectarian, then our classes are for you.
  • If you want classes that are sensitive to the concerns of conservative and Christian families, then our classes are for your family.

Are Aim Academy Classes Affordable?

  • We think our classes offer you the best value (live classes with qualified, available instructors) for the best price.
  • We offer easy payment plans (3, 5, or 8 payments) and do not charge a registration fee. We have a modest flat rate technology fee that is automatically applied to each order (no matter how many classes you purchase).
  • If you choose a payment plan, the technology fee is not applied on subsequent payments.

What Else Should I Know?

Registration for the upcoming school year opens by March 1 of the year before. The class schedule for the upcoming school year is posted in February. Sign up for our email list or join our Aim Academy Facebook group to be notified first about Aim Academy classes.

  • Full year (32-34 weeks) and semester (16 weeks) classes focus on the core content and critical skills needed to be college ready by the end of high school.
  • Mini-courses (7 week) give targeted practice and individualized instruction in critical content and skill areas.
  • Our classes fit your homeschool style! Students sign on to the class website at their convenience and download assignments listed for each week.
  • Live discussions and lectures are provided weekly. These are recorded and may be played back at anytime. (Attendance is optional. Listening to the recording is not.)
  • Full year classes begin the last week of August. Second semester classes begin the first week of January.
  • Mini-course are offered 6 times during the year and run for seven weeks:
    • Spring: Begins the end of March
    • Summer I: Begins the 3rd week of May
    • Summer II: Begins the week following July 4th holiday
    • Fall 1: Begins the last week of August
    • Fall 2: Begins mid-October
    • Winter: Begins the second week of January

See our Class Schedule