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Spoiler Alert! Penny Puzzle Solution

By Debra Bell | February 22, 2017 | The Science of Learning

I posted this puzzle on Facebook this past week.

Can you move 3 pennies and form a triangle that points down?

Here is the solution:

I’m a math teacher so I love looking at different solutions and explanations. Here are some of my favorites from the comments on Facebook:

You move the three points. Top point move to center bottom to be the new lower point. The left and right points, move them up to what is now the top row, so that you now have 4 across the top.

  • Turn the paper so that it faces down. (haha!)
  • Right bottom penny to the bottom center, left bottom penny to the left of the second row, very top penny to the right of the second row.
  • Shift the three outer “points” clockwise. You could also shift them counterclockwise for the same result.

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