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Nate Gilbert

Economics and government are two topics that everyone seems to have some opinion about, but many of us struggle to clearly understand the details behind the debates. We are like fish in a sea of economic principles and governing institutions, not totally sure what the sea is composed of. I am passionate about helping students comprehend the “water” that we live in through these Social Studies classes.

My approach is to get students thinking and discussing how economics and government relate to their lives through relevant examples. I blend a mixture of historical and conceptual background information with current event / topic explorations. I would be happy to help your child grow intellectually, regardless of his or her starting point!

Please contact me with any questions at this email address: nathanielgilbert@hotmail.com.


AP U.S. Government and Politics is a college level class that can be used to fulfill both high school and college credit! The course involves an examination of the principles behind the United States’ government and political institutions, an introduction to political behaviors and collective action, and a study of key concepts in the American political tradition. We will delve into the historical development of our current political situation. The goal is for students to become familiar with public policies, our Constitutional underpinnings, and political behavior in our society. 

Economics is one of my favorite subjects! It is so relevant for our daily human experience that it helps explain the workings of much of society. I am passionate about helping students understand economics concepts by encouraging them to think about and discuss how economics relates to their lives. It is very rewarding to watch students connect the dots and apply the concepts to their personal decisions and career choices. My favorite part is teaching how inflation (the supply of money) intersects with so many aspects of the economy.

I am passionate about our political system and helping students understand its foundations and importance in our everyday lives. My approach is to get students thinking and discussing how government relates to their lives by using examples and historical illustrations. I like seeing students analyze current policies through a critical lens, in light of the Constitution, and with an understanding of influential players. It is rewarding to watch students grow in their knowledge of our governing structures and begin to see how they can be part of maintaining our American system of government!