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Ronni Peck

Ronni currently holds a B.S. in Digital Media and a M.A. in Secondary EducationĀ (and is working toward a second B.S. in Mathematics). She first began teaching in 2008, originally working with child actors as an on-set tutor. She then taught middle school math for 7 years through online charter schools. A bigĀ fan of individualized education, Ronni homeschooled two of her now four children before moving from Los Angeles to Southern Utah in 2021 and she loves learning about all the wonderful educational opportunities out there for homeschoolers! Ronni has additionally tutored math online, ran a mom blog, and managed a children’s educational magazine called Tuttle Times. Extremely passionate about the subject of logic and critical thinking, Ronni has taught logic courses to the middle grades through John Hopkins’ Center For Talented Youth and Southern Utah University’s summer PREP programs, and is working to create her own logic curriculum for homeschooling families.

You can reach Ronni at rpeck@aimacademy.online