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Nate Noorlander

In college, Nate Noorlander double-majored in philosophy and history education. After a stint as a project manager with a disaster repair company, he moved to Beijing, China, where he taught IGCSE and A Level history at the Cambridge International Curriculum Center of Beijing Normal University. He also spent time touring India and trekking in Nepal. Worn out by the Beijing air, Nate moved home with his family and taught English and history at Mountainville Academy and then the American International School of Utah. At AISU, he developed mini-courses in boredom and awareness (probably close to what many people call mindfulness) based on Heidegger’s ideas about technology and Nicholas Carr’s ideas about what the internet does to our brains, areas of study that he finds compelling. Contact: nnoorlander@aimacademy.online

Worn out this time by life in the beautiful mountain west, he returned to Beijing, where he taught IB History, IB English, and Theory of Knowledge at the Yew Chung International School of Beijing. When COVID-19 hit, he was coaching the boy’s basketball team and gearing up for an end-of-season tournament in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and had to abruptly change plans. The trip was canceled, his family just made it out of Beijing on a flight three times its usual cost, and he stuck it out in the shuttered city for another six weeks. When life didn’t change, he left too. Since then, it’s been all history with The Nomadic Professor.