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Category: Preschool

Just Add Snow-Day “Specials” Pt.1

As your homeschool finds its New Year’s groove again, one way to smooth away some of the rough patches is to build in some Snow Day fun on those cozy afternoons. By sprinkling “specials” often reserved for breaks and holidays into your everyday school routine, you can keep the joy of homeschooling alive and dust Read More...

Just Add Snow-Day “Specials” Pt. 2

When the temperatures are too cold to be outside for long afternoon breaks, games are a perfect way to bring families together, while also reinforcing skills needed for learning. Here are this homeschooling mama’s top picks for beating winter blues through fun and games!  Littles Cranium Hulabaloo teaches shape and color recognition while letting children Read More...

Just Add Snow Day “Specials” Pt. 3

Just Add Snow-Day Specials– Books to Read and Read-aloud When the winter months seem to put a damper on your homeschool, breaking up your days with a sprinkling of “Snow-Day Specials” can be just the cure! Transform your family’s cabin fever by creating cozy-day fun with favorite books to read and read-aloud. Here are just Read More...

How to Homeschool Your Preschooler

All of us are homeschoolers for at least the first few years of our children’s lives (and I certainly concur with those who maintain parents are always their children’s primary teachers no matter how they are formally educated). So what is really important during these years, especially as it pertains to getting our kids ready for formal Read More...