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Sally Barstow Reviews

Parent (French 1) – May 4, 2023

This is our first exposure to French class, we are happy with the results. We weren’t sure what to expect. My daughter can form French sentences and almost accidently ordered in French while out at a restaurant! So happy with the results. The teacher works with all students where they are. She gives them time to process each lesson and encourages them to speak in French while in class making sure everyone who is willing to participate and encourages everyone. Thank you for providing these options for homeschoolers!

Parent (French 2) – May 2, 2023

We have been extremely happy with the classes our girls are taking. Mrs. Barstow has done a great job teaching French. This course is not only fulfilling high school credits but helping the children to have a love of the language and desire to learn.

Parent (French 2) – May 2, 2023

My daughter has learned so much! Mrs. Barstow was very understanding and kind and you could tell she really wanted to help her students be successful and really understand French.

Parent (French 2) – May 2, 2023

My daughter has enjoyed the class and learned so much. I have seen the growth in her command of French. This class inspired and encouraged her through a subject that she has always found difficult. Your approachable and friendly demeanor was appreciated.

Student (French 3) – May 2, 2023

One of the greatest benefits I have found in taking this class, was that I was challenged to speak and use French more than English. This has helped me better develop my speaking skills and vocabulary while at the same time using the grammatical structure we are learning. I enjoyed everything that was taught, and it was taught in a very fun way. I enjoyed the way everything was presented.

Student (French 1) – April 22, 2023

The information presented in class is given in smaller amounts which allows you to focus on each topic in depth without rushing through key parts of French. I also appreciated Mme Barstow’s personal experience in France and Europe, which makes the class feel more personal and much less textbook. Mme Barstow routinely interacts with her students in class, and she is a master of the French language. She often adds additional information that gives greater depth into the intricacies of French, and I learned so much this past year.

Parent (French 3) – April 21, 2023

This course meets my expectations as a foreign language course, exceeds expectations as there are many opportunities for verbal use of the language, covers more than just the language as it includes the culture and country.

Parent (French 2) – April 21, 2023

The biggest benefit of this class is learning a language! When my daughter wanted to learn French I was very concerned with how to find a live class for her. This class and teacher have been great. I’m impressed with the format of the class and the progress that Elly has made in learning throughout the year.

Parent (French 4/5) – April 18, 2023

Madame Barstow is phenomenal French instructor. She educates her students in such a way that they love learning French. Madame Barstow, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! We have so appreciated YOU these past 4 years!!!

Parent (French 1) – April 17, 2023

My daughter enjoyed the freedom she had in a lot of the project assignments to express herself. The teacher gave extra credit when my daughter went above and beyond expectations. That boosted her confidence in and outside of class.

Student (French 2) – September 26, 2022

I’m starting to really be able to incorporate French more and more into my day to day life.

Student (French 3) – September 26, 2022

Classes are very interactive and I really like that we get to practice speaking and practical application of what we’re learning.

Student (French 3) – September 25, 2022

So far, I really like how many of the assignments have been collaborative amongst the students (videos on Flip, the break-out rooms in class, student review on our writing project)

Parent (French 4/5) – September 21, 2022

Madame Barstow is a well seasoned educator who fully understands 1- how students learn a new language, 2- how to teach a foreign language, and 3- most importantly, how to keep students engaged so they want to continue their studies with her year after year. As usual, it is not always about what subject one is teaching but how one is teaching the subject. Madame Barstow has genuinely master the how to teach French. Therefore, she is a true asset to Aim Academy. For it is genuinely because of Madame Barstow and similar educators of her quality that Aim Academy is among the very best educational curriculum available online.

Student (French 1) – September 21, 2022

The teacher is very patient, and the class moves forward in a way that makes sense.

Parent (French 3) – April 1, 2022

Madame Barstow is an amazing, compassionate, kind, smart teacher who cares about her students and is invested in their success. I am so grateful for the years she has invested in my family and for her support. I think it has been really awesome that my younger son had the chance to have that consistency with a teacher who knew him across three years. She does a great job of providing the right amount of challenge without overwhelming the students. I also like how she weaves interaction into the classroom setting and gets the students to talk with each other, work together on group projects, and interact in other ways that helps them practice French and learn.

Student (French 4/5) – April 1, 2022

I have been taking French with Mrs. Barstow for two years now and I’m so grateful to have been a part of her classes! I have gained much more confidence as a speaker, reader, and writer in French. I love how each unit was interspersed with chances to learn about a variety of interesting topics — from the history of French Guiana, to the French colonization of Canada, to ways to improve your mental health and well-being! We have assignments that are very thorough and evenly split between different ways of engaging with the language, such as reading comprehension, listening practice, presentations, etc. I’ve really enjoyed taking French with Mrs. Barstow and highly recommend her courses!

Parent (French 4/5) – March 29, 2022

My son tends to strongly dislike online classes. However, he offered the greatest compliment to Mme Barstow when he made the statement, “I hate all online classes…except for French. I like French.” He is engaged and enjoying it, which meets my expectations!

Parent (French 1) – March 29, 2022

I love how Mrs. Barstow structures the class. She uses so many different resources to help the students learn French. Videos, sound recordings, presentations, various websites. The assignments are interactive. Not just workbook style. I am pleased that the class teaches speaking , reading, and writing. Grammar. I dislike language courses that do not include all components. The class is logical , incremental, and structured in an orderly manner. My daughter tried a French class at another online school and it was a poor experience. The teacher did not start from the beginning and sequence learning in a step by step process. This class has been wonderful! Such a better experience!

I also am pleased with the kind, gentle, and supportive manner of Mrs. Barstow. She answers her students promptly. She gives them opportunities to learn from the mistakes on their homework and correct them. I am a certified teacher myself so can fully appreciate the effort and detailed planning that has gone into building the lessons in this course. I am truly impressed with her, this class, and the school.

The school has such a community feel. I love all the parent workshops or gatherings. I have not been able to attend but hope to in the future. It is a warm environment. Our family had to join French late last summer. The personal interaction with Debra Bell and both her and Mrs. Barstow’s willingness to work with us left such a wonderful impression. I plan to have my daughter take classes here throughout the remainder of her high school. We are blessed.

Parent (French 2) – March 24, 2022

I had pretty high expectations for the class because my son took French I, and those expectations were more than met. Ms. Barstow is engaging, well organized, & interesting. The class is very well organized and the assignment structure is consistent from week to week. That helps my son know what to expect and enables him to spend his energy on learning the material rather than figuring out administrative details.

Nan Kim-Paik (Parent in French 4/5)  July 9th, 2021

Sally is a gifted teacher, and we’re so glad that our son had the chance to study French with her. She manages to keep things fresh in a way that is clear and accessible. To generate a higher level of engagement among the students, Sally integrates a variety of creative approaches into her teaching, so her class would work well for all kinds of learners. Our son took Sally’s class when he was particularly isolated during the pandemic, and he really appreciated the chance to interact in real-time with both his teacher and fellow students as he practiced and expanded his abilities in French. On top of all of that, Sally is such a kind, supportive, and compassionate person – someone I myself would love to study with someday if I ever get the chance to learn French!

S.C. (Student in French Book Study: Le Petit Prince) – July 6th, 2021

This course furthered my French comprehension and vocabulary. It was great to read “Le Petit Prince” in its original language, and listening/speaking in live class was an immersive experience. Mme. Barstow is a helpful and patient teacher who encourages her students to engage with the text. C’est une bonne classe!

Charlotte (Student in French Book Study: Le Petit Prince) – July 5th, 2021

This class was amazing! In it, I practiced reading out loud and answering/asking comprehension questions. Madame Barstow made sure that we understood without making it too easy. I never would have fully understood “Le Petit Prince” without the guidance of Madame Barstow.

F. J. (Student in French 4/5)  July 3rd, 2021

Madame Barstow was quite easily one of my favorite high school teachers! I enjoyed every single class I had with her and will miss them immensely now. Due to the time difference of living in New Zealand, I would have to get up in the early hours of the morning to attend class, but every class made it worth it. Madame is extremely knowledgeable in the subject she teaches, she has an endless supply of patience, and her style of teaching is never boring. She makes sure to challenge all the students at just the right pace, and wants each of us to succeed. The learning environment is fantastic, and even though it is online, you get a great sense of camaraderie with your fellow classmates, even getting to work on projects together! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in French – you won’t regret it! Merci beaucoup Madame! xx

Juliana (Student in French 1) – June 20, 2020

I wanted to let you know how much I loved your class this year!!! I started out thinking (well, knowing) that I have no bilingual skills whatsoever, and originally chose to do French simply because I hated Spanish. But while learning in your class, I have truly grown to love understanding the language! Your class is so much fun and you break down the material well enough for people like me to learn from. ???? I appreciated and enjoyed all the presentations you had us do, and learned a lot from the assignments! Thank you so much for being such an engaging and patient teacher, and changing my mind about languages in general; I am really looking forward to taking French ll with you next year!

Amanda F. (Parent French 3)  April 20th, 2020

My son’s command of French has grown so much this year. Mrs. Barstow has the students complete a variety of print, audio, and video assignments to extend their interest, knowledge, and skills. French 3 was his first class with this school/teacher, and he adjusted quickly and plans to continue here next year.

Stacey Kelly (Parent French 4/5)  February 13th, 2020

If you are comparing French 4/5 classes available online, this class is the best one available-by far! Sally is an extremely patient and kind person, and this makes the students feel comfortable to practice their French. The custom curriculum she uses keeps the students engaged, and it encourages class interaction without fear. Sally’s French background has helped my daughter flourish this year. Don’t hesitate to sign up to take a class with Sally!

Kimberly Martin (Student French 2)  February 13th, 2020

As a student in the French 2 class, I think the class is great! Madam Barstow does a lot of different things to try and make learning the language fun and exciting while also helping us to really learn the subject thoroughly. I especially enjoy it when we do projects because she has us all interact with one another so it’s also a cool social experience!

Gina Evangelista (Parent French 1)  Ma

My daughter took French I with Mme. Barstow and she loved it. Mme. Barstow is very professional, organized, responsive, and her classes are very entertaining and engaging. She takes the time to find educational and entertaining videos in French and to give detailed and specific feedback for each assignment. My daughter enjoyed the live classes very much since Mme. Barstow gives every student the opportunity to participate and practice speaking French. My daughter feels confident about starting a conversation and is looking forward to the next levels of French.

Anu Gupta (Parent French 2)  

My daughter is taking French 2 with Ms. Barstow and loves her class. Ms. Barstow makes the class engaging and interactive and offers very encouraging remarks and suggestions. She has a talent for teaching hard concepts without making it too daunting or serious. My daughter is navigating the course mostly on her own and enjoys doing her homework assignments. The online interface is easy to use and Sally is very organized and prompt with posting homework assignments, grading etc. She also enjoys the French conversation class that Sally offers for additional practice. We are very happy with class and hoping to continue with her next year for French 3.

Deborah Kim (Parent French 2 and 3)  

My daughter, Olivia, has taken French 2 and 3 with Mrs.Barstow and has thoroughly enjoyed her instruction along the way. Mrs.Barstow is engaging and fun! Olivia is developing a beautiful French speaking voice and plans to take French 4/5 with Ms. Barstow.

Diane Harvey (Parent French 1)  

My son has immensely enjoyed Sally Barstow’s French I class. Mrs. Barstow is very warm and encouraging of the students, and she creates a class atmosphere that helps even the most hesitant student to feel confident in using the language. She makes excellent use of various tools in assisting the students with gaining greater proficiency in speaking the language and learning the French culture. My son has many excellent teachers this year in both online and co-op classes, but he regards Mrs. Barstow as one of his favorites. I highly recommend her!

Diane Auclair (Parent)  

Madame Barstow has made learning French a fun experience for my daughter, with enough challenge and difficulty, creative assignments, and enjoyable conversation in class. The one-hour weekly class fits our schedule, and the assignments do not overwhelm. My daughter looks forward to class each week, and to taking higher level French next year.

Rebecca May (Parent)  

My daughter has taken French classes with Sally Barstow for the past two years. Ms. Barstow taught vocabulary and grammar as well as information about French-speaking countries and French culture. My daughter always looked forward to her classes, and she enjoyed the assignments and projects. Ms. Barstow also gave the students lots of opportunities and encouragement to speak in French, and this has helped my daughter to become confident conversing in French.

Jennifer Goebel (Parent French 1) 

My daughter was looking for a basic online high school French class – not too easy, but not something so time-consuming that it took time away from other subjects. Sally’s class has been a very good fit. There is an hour of instruction each week and usually 4-5 homework assignments to complete before the next session. She is patient and kind as the students learn the language. My daughter will be taking French 2 from her next year!

Lynnette F. (Parent) 

“My son and daughter have taken French classes with Sally Barstow for three years. Sally, certainly has the knowledge and the ability to teach French on a professional level and keep her students interested.
As a result of taking Sally’s French class, my children are able communicate in French by speaking, writing and reading. It had been a rewarding experience for our family.”

Dorothy S. (Parent) 

“In my search for a French teacher for my daughter, we were blessed to find Mrs. Barstow. She was well known and highly recommended in the home school network. My daughter loved her class and learned so much during her time with Mrs. Barstow. She made learning the language fun by engaging the students in conversation, and giving the students an opportunity to showcase what they had learned during the Christmas and end of year celebrations. During these celebrations students would prepare skits and present them to the parents. The students were encouraged to try French cuisine and prepared dishes to share with family and friends. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to be blessed by Mrs. Barstow’s love for the French language and culture which was so evident in her teaching.