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Rebecca Robbins Reviews

Student (High School Health) – May 3, 2023

I learned more about mental, emotional and social health than I was expecting and the other aspects of health I learned the amount I expected to. Mrs Robbins was very kind, helpful, and understanding throughout the course. She continually helped offer support and would even stay a few minutes after class time to answer questions that we may have. I had fun researching recipes for my Home Cooking Final Assignment. I loved that we got to all talk about our recipes’ on the last class—it was neat getting to see what everyone made.

Parent (High School Health) – May 2, 2023

This was a very well-rounded health class. Looking back on health class that I took in high school, this far exceeds that. It provided the boys with a lot to think about health-wise. She is great at relating to the students and she’s very organized.

Parent (High School Health) – September 20, 2022

I appreciate that she’s teaching all aspects of wellness to the students. As a holistic nutritionist I know well that it encompasses more than just diet alone. So it’s nice to see a focus on sleep, exercise, mental health, SMART goals, etc.

Parent (Study Skills: Learning Strategies) – April 4, 2022

This class reinforces and greatly supplements our own advice on study skills and requires the students to apply the principles to classwork and assignments from other classes. This class and the notetaking class have both made Mom’s life so much easier. All I have to say is, “Do what your study skills teacher taught you.” As a result, my child’s grades have improved.

Student (Study Skills: Note Taking)

Mrs. Robbins taught a note talking class and I found it very useful. She taught about different ways to write things down faster such as abbreviations, symbols and other methods. She would require our work to be neat too. We would use color coding as well. I found the Cornell note taking skill the most useful, organized, and fastest way to take notes.

Mrs. Robbins is an excellent teacher. I definitely recommend her as a tutor or teacher. D.Y. (age 15)

I would recommend Mrs. Robbins as a tutor/teacher to anyone in need. Mrs. Robbins was my Marine Biology teacher in 10th grade and was an excellent one at that. She challenged us to commit to the class and push ourselves to do our absolute best in our assignments. When I needed help in taking notes, she taught me to color code, number, and visually note material to make it more memorable and this helped my studying which effected my grades throughout the year and I have continued using this.

Mrs. Robbins is trustworthy with a class and is committed to the classes she teaches. She will put in the time that is required and will expect great things from the students. I believe that Mrs. Robbins will meet your expectations and be a valuable member and contributor to your schooling. N.Y. (age 16)

Rebecca Robbins was a superb tutor. Impressively organized and has an extensive amount of knowledge on most subjects. Her notetaking techniques are helpful. The most successful of the notetaking methods she taught was the mind-mapping method. Her tutoring skills well prepared me for my classes through my local community college classes. L.B. (11th grade)

My name is Becky and I would like to share my experiences with Rebecca Robbins. Rebecca taught my boys a few different classes over the last few years. I have seen her in action in a few settings, one of which was a note taking class. This class was especially helpful to my sons. She helped them set up some practical skills that would carry them on to their next steps. My oldest was a senior when he took her class and has since moved on to college. These skills have helped him excel in his studies and have given him the confidence he needed
to take on his courses. Because of Rebecca’s analytical approach, my sons were given some very valuable skills that they will use throughout their education. They also enjoyed the ways that she sought to make learning fresh and fun. We are thankful for the skills that she has imparted to my children. I would highly recommend
Rebecca. parent