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Lisa Reissig Reviews

Parent (Middle School French A) – April 4, 2022

My daughter love this class, learning a lot. The way Ms. Reissig delivers her class has sparked an interest and enthusiasm in my daughter that I was not expecting. My daughter is engaged in the learning process. There is a sense of immersion in the language through this class which not all instructors of a foreign language are able to accomplish. These classes are a treasure, your teachers are a treasure, please keep them. God’s willing my daughter will continue her French up to high school.

Kristi (Parent, Middle School French A) – April 2, 2022

Mme. Reissig is a truly special teacher. She is organized, thoughtful, encouraging, creative, and fun. She is great at turning a frustrating situation, like an assignment that won’t go through, into a collaborative, positive problem-solving experience for my daughter. She always makes my daughter feel seen, heard, and appreciated. I also really value the way Mme. Reissig works WITH the students to adapt and improve their class, the organization of their class page, and the clarity of assignments. She creates an environment for learning that is engaging and empowering. This class has been such a blessing for us and we can’t wait for Part B!

Parent (Middle School French)  – March 31, 2022

Madame Reissig motivates the students with her contagious joy for learning French. She provides a wide variety of activities that engage students with different learning styles and encourages them to continue and incorporate other ways to learn French. She encourages students and parents alike with a genuine love for her students and a being successful in learning French.

Student (Middle School French) – March 26, 2022

This is the best class ever!!! the teacher is great and I am learning a ton! Madame Reissig is super nice, and responds to my questions quickly, and always helps me if i don’t understand the homework. AND, THIS IS JUST THE BEST CLASS EVER!!!

Erin (Parent, Middle School French A) – March 24, 2022

French A is an outstanding class and Madame Reissig is an excellent teacher! I highly recommend it! The workload is very appropriate for a middle school student, in my opinion. My daughter has had to work hard in this class, but she is learning so much. The classes are interactive and engaging. I often look over and my daughter is laughing at something they’re doing in class – she’s having fun and learning! Contrast this with other online classes she has taken (not at AIM) which have been dry and boring. I couldn’t be happier with her experience in French A, and we are super excited to do French B next year.

Becky (Parent, Elementary French) – March 24, 2022

We couldn’t be happier with Mme. Reissig’s French class. Initially the snail’s home project was the thing that drew my daughter to the class—such a brilliant idea! But the weekly games and the fantastic books in semester two kept love for this class going. In my experience, a lot of online middle school classes either have way too much homework, or not enough, but Mme. Reissig seems to have a sixth sense for assigning a just-right amount: enough to challenge and make progress, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. My daughter loves the live class each week and has made tremendous progress this year, all thanks to Mme. Reissig!

Kate (Parent, Middle School French A) – March 23, 2022

This has been an amazing French class for my daughter! I compared it to courses through Veritas Press and The Potter’s School, but chose this one for the teacher’s kindness, enthusiasm, and the many creative, interactive means she uses to engage the students in French. My daughter has thrived on the games, projects, and the fun of the live class, which she looks forward to zealously each week. She has learned a ton of French culture as well and language and is so excited about the skills she has acquired. Her teacher has been so encouraging and responsive to both of us. The workload is thorough but not overwhelming, and my daughter has gained excellent computer skills through working online, a new experience for her this year. I heartily recommend this class to other middle schoolers with interest in French!

Stephanie (Parent, Elementary French with Stories) – April 21, 2021

This class, added to our 2nd semester line-up at the last minute, was a surprise hit with my 11 year-old. She doesn’t have much experience with online classes and has some learning differences, so I was pleasantly surprised how much she enjoyed it, how much she learned, and how easily she ramped-up to full independence with the course. Rather than being extra work for me, it was one subject that I could leave entirely to her! The weekly live sessions were actually great fun for my student, and she’s been so motivated that she’s now doing daily French practice on Duolingo and using French closed-captioning when watching shows, all on her own without me even suggesting it. Madame. Reissig has lit a fire for French in my daughter. We’re both already looking forward to her Middle School French class next year!

Ayla B. (Student, French 1) – April 21, 2021

I absolutely loved this class. Even virtually the teacher-student and student-student connection was great. Madame Reissig is a wonderful and informative teacher! I learned so much from just 8 months!

Parent (French 1) October 27, 2020

I feel my daughter is fully engaged with the French language and learning the language.  I appreciate the teacher to student and parent communication. I am impressed with Madame Reissig’s enthusiasm for the French language.

Parent (Intro to French) October 26, 2020

Mme Reissig is very interactive and kind to her students. Her enthusiasm for this course is observed each week and is seen and felt by each student. She has been very willing to accommodate individually. Thank you;) This course is exactly as stated and a great introduction for new french students 🙂

Parent (Intro to French) October 19, 2020

Madame Reissig captivates her students with enthusiasm, clean jokes and puns, and engaging weekly assignments with the escargo. She communicates well through email messages and encouraging comments regarding assignments. The varied activities to review weekly material is also helpful.

Harrison A. (Student in Intro to French) October 21, 2020

I liked the one where i made my snail meet something and they asked each other Ou habites tu? I really enjoy your class and think you should keep it the way it is.

Sloan W. (Student in Intro to French) October 19, 2020

Well, I love picking out things for my snails house that go with what theme it is! Like whatever the theme is that week! Its really fun!!!! I think this class is amazing for anyone who is interested in taking french! Madame you are super nice! You will work with anyone who is having tech issues or who just need help! I think you are doing this job perfectly!

Student (Previous French Class)

We weren’t restricted to uninteresting things in class. We got a chance to explore a lot with the use of our French.

Student (Previous French Class)

I liked learning about French culture!

Student (Previous French Class)

Since our class ended, I have been able to use my French on three trips! It was a little hard at first, but once I started thinking in French it became much easier! I just had some trouble remembering some vocabulary.

Student (Previous French Class)

I truly do miss taking your class, and I try to practice my French everyday (one thing I like to do, is think of a sentence in English that I might need in conversation, and then say it in French, and German too!). You were without a doubt the best teacher I had (besides my mother of course haha), and I only hope that my future teachers will hold me to the standard at which you held me.

Student (Previous French Class)

Thank you for being an amazing teacher. I am so grateful that I had you as a teacher for my last two years of high school. You made every class day enjoyable and super fun. I hope that one day we will meet whether later in life or in Heaven. Thank you for being a blessing and a joy to your class. I will hopefully be sending you some homemade Macarons via mail sometime soon. Have an amazing summer filled with laughter and memories with your family, friends, and new puppy. Au revoir Mme, que Dieu vous bénisse et vous garde en sécurité.

Student (Previous French Class)

Madame Reissig is very enthusiastic and creative so all of her assignments were interesting and fun.

Parent (Previous French Class)

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to write to you for many things, but first and foremost, I wanted to thank you for teaching French III. Your class is Michael’s favorite, which is no surprise! He has loved your classes since year one. He has a very high standard now for other teachers and I must say not many live up to those standards due to your impeccable teaching style. Thank you for all you do, all your hard work and helping foster a love for the French language and culture.

Administrator (Previous French Class)

Your classes are wonderfully executed and provide so much variety for the students to practice all aspects of learning a foreign language – keep up the great work!