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Lisa Duckworth Reviews

Parent (Forensic Science) – May 31, 2023

Lisa clearly loves science, and that transferred to my learner. So much creativity was poured into each assignment and topic. The labs were challenging in the best way. I wouldn’t have imagined that an online science class would have succeeded as heartily as this class did. Highly recommend. The teacher is able to transfer knowledge through a variety of modalities. I peeked in on a couple of classes, and she engaged the class so well. One more thing: Canvas is a difficult platform to get right. Many teachers/classes end up disorientingly disorganized. This teacher did a great job making everything clear; she must have good experience with it. We signed up for 2 more classes in the fall with this teacher. Can’t wait!

Student (Speech & Debate) – May 4, 2023

I learned a lot about speech and debate. I now understand how to properly give a speech and how to debate. It was far more interesting to learn about these topics than I originally expected. Ms. Duckworth was very flexible. I really enjoyed Ms. Duckworth as a teacher. She was very encouraging and made something scary, like public speaking, feel much more enjoyable.

Parent (Speech & Debate) – May 2, 2023

The students were inspired, motivated, challenged, and learned about speech writing and debate. The class was a wonderful introduction to these important skills. The teacher eased my students performance anxiety by being and giving examples of the work. The class’s greatest gift is to know that they are capable of writing a speech, presenting the speech and/or debating. The students enjoyed Ms. Duckworth and look forward to seeing her next fall for physics.

Parent (Forensic Science) – May 2, 2023

Excellent course material, well taught and well organized. Ms. Duckworth was well organized and prepared for class.

Parent (Environmental Science) – April 17, 2023

My daughter has learned a lot. Ms. Duckworth makes the classes really fun and easy to follow along with.

E.S., Parent (AP Chemistry) – September 27, 2022

Ms. Duckworth is great at explaining a very difficult subject and it is obviously that she wants my daughter to succeed in her class. The labs are very helpful for learning the complex material in this course and Ms. Duckworth does an amazing job walking my daughter through the process of completing the labs.

A.M., Student (Forensic Science) – September 25, 2022

I love this course! it is so much fun and super engaging. Mrs. Duckworth is great at engaging students with the work.

M.D., Parent (Speech & Debate) – September 24, 2022

Mrs. Duckworth has managed to help my daughter reduce the amount of anxiety she has going into a speech performance.

Parent (Forensic Science) – September 20, 2022

The class is super organized. Very clear expectations. Learner is being challenged well. Learner is eager to attend class and do assignments. Keep it coming! Our kid is challenged and growing.

E.J., Student (Speech & Debate) – September 20, 2022

I love this class. The workload is a good difficulty and engaging. The teacher is kind and understanding. I get so nervous when speechgiving but it’s a good challenge.

H.D. (Parent, AP Chemistry and Physics) – March 8, 2022

Lisa is a great teacher! She loves science and it shows in how much fun she has in class. She does lots of lab activities so class isn’t dry or dull and is happy to give extra help if a student needs it.