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Kristen Lauria Reviews

Student (AP Calculus AB) – April 2, 2022

I have learned a lot and enjoyed the topics we’ve studied. Mrs. Lauria explains things well and is very helpful when I don’t understand something. The amount work is manageable and quite easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Student (AP Environmental Science) – April 1, 2022

Mrs. Lauria’s course is very engaging, and students are very social with regard to the topics, offering very interactive and enlightening classes. The materials, such as videos and readings, provided during the course are comprehensive and allow students to explore the world of environmental science in a new light. The class contains many activities and/or lessons that encourage student interactivity and conceptualization.

Student (AP Environmental Science) – March 29, 2022

this class is so rich with a lot of topics covered thoroughly. still, it is laid out in a way that is easy to keep up in a schedule and is kept interesting through engaging reading but also projects like case studies and experiments. i really appreciate the organization of the class. everything is laid out so it is easy to schedule and the completion feature is nice. further the curriculum is arranged in an easy-to-follow flow of topics where each topic in the unit is covered thoroughly while also contributing to the broader acquisition of knowledge throughout the modules.

Parent (AP Environmental Science) – March 27, 2022

Wonderfully organized, just the right amount of work, teacher responds quickly, my daughter enjoys this class

Student (AP Environmental Science) – March 25, 2022

There is so much information in the course! I feel very calm about taking the AP Exam because the prep we’ve done is so thorough; additionally, the projects are fun and engaging. This class prepares you for the AP exam very well. There is a great base of information about the Environment provided and student discussions help to prepare students for real life debate.

Katie Bobowski (Parent in Algebra 1) – May 22, 2020
This was my daughters first online math class and we were both pleased with the experience. Mrs Lauria was readily accessible when there were questions and her explanations were clear and very helpful. My daughter felt she learned a lot and is prepared for upper level math courses.

Debra (Parent in Environmental Science) – April 30, 2020

I highly recommend Kristen Lauria’s environmental science class for interested students. This course is extremely thorough. The labs are interesting and further enhance a student’s knowledge of environmental science. Nature walks are incorporated into the labs so students are able to connect with their environment and learn about the many issues affecting our environment today. A student who enjoys engaging with nature while learning about the environment will really enjoy this class.

Emily Crawford (Parent in Environmental Science) – May 22, 2020
Mrs. Lauria is an excellent teacher.  My daughter, a Senior in high school, has gained a rich understanding of environmental issues from a balanced perspective.  This well-designed class has engaging discussions, purposeful assignments, thought-provoking projects, and stimulating labs. In addition, homeschooling high school science can be challenging, and Mrs. Lauria understands this.  She listens well to her students’ needs and works hard to help them.  As a parent, I have been grateful for a solid presentation of the material and her quick response to all my questions.  For these reasons, I would highly recommend her class.

Anonymous (Parent in Environmental Science) April 27, 2020

Mrs. Lauria is very knowledgeable in Environmental Science topics. My son looked forward to her class every week. He had since developed an acute sense of awareness in environmental issues and constantly shared his newfound knowledge about biomes, water cycles, tectonic planes, biodiversities, invasive species and the like with us. He even did a science project and presentation on eutrophication at the district’s school on two occasions!

Jann (Parent Environmental Science)May 9, 2020

Ms. Lauria is a fantastic teacher who never fails to motivate and pique the curiosity of her students. Her class is very engaging with the right amount of assignments and lab work. My son highly recommends this course to anyone who would like to broaden their experience and knowledge in environmental science.

Sharon Fuller (Parent Accelerated Algebra 1) – July 30, 2018

This is our first time taking an online class and it has been a great experience! Mrs. Lauria answers any questions my daughter may have so that she fully understands the topic. Mrs. Lauria also runs her class right on time and is patient and understanding with the kids. My daughter truly enjoys Mrs. Lauria’s teaching style. Parent access to what the teacher has planned and what the child is completing is easy to understand.

Hollyn Martin (Parent Pre-AP Environmental Science)  

We were so excited about the addition of this class for my high school son. He has been very engaged in the material and finds it to be very relevant for life and for his educational goals. It has challenged him and I have seen wonderful growth since it began in the Fall.

Rebecca Klabunde (Parent Pre-AP Environmental Science)  

My son very much enjoys this new class! Mrs. Lauria is prompt in all communication, organized in her assignments, and makes her students feel comfortable in class discussion – making her a great teacher. We both highly recommend this course!