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Jennifer Morgan Reviews

Student (Middle School Art Exploration 1) – March 30, 2022

I can confidently say that Art is my favorite online class this year, I have learned so much and I look forward to our weekly meetings! Before I started this class, I had some basic knowledge on drawing/creating art, but Mrs. Morgan does such a good job taking the information you already know and fine tuning what you already know and teaching you a lot more.

Parent (Middle School Art Exploration 1) – March 29, 2022

Organized teacher, not overwhelming amount of work, peaceful/supportive vibe. High-quality instruction in supportive environment. Teacher is so patient and always has something positive to say. Creates a great, safe learning environment. My child loves and looks forward to her art class and assignments every week.

K.T. (Student, Middle School Art Exploration 1) – March 29, 2022

Mrs. Morgan is a very nice teacher and she has helped me to engage in different forms of art I didn’t think I liked. Even though I joined the class half way though the year it was an easy transition and I never felt overwhelmed. I have enjoyed doing so many new art projects and I really appreciate that Mrs. Morgan has been flexible with my schedule. I would recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn the fundamental principles of art.

Parent (Middle School Art Exploration 1) – March 28, 2022

The class has encouraged my son’s growth in his artistic skills. Mrs. Morgan has challenged and encouraged my son’s growth as an artist. This is a great class!