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Heather Eades Reviews

Student (Middle School Art Exploration) – April 21, 2023

I was not super excited about the course at start but as I went through the course it proved to be better than i thought. The art project are very fun to make.

Parent (Middle School Art Exploration) – April 17, 2023

The class has taught all the basic concepts of art in a supportive environment and Heather has such a positive attitude. This course took my child from being completely art-averse to being willing to attempt assignments, even with new media, without help or coaching.

Student (Middle School Art Exploration) – April 17, 2023

I never expected to love art as much as I do now thanks to this class. The assignments are interesting and engaging. It was a good experience.

Parent (Middle School Art Exploration) – September 29, 2022

My son LOVES this class. He was dragging his feet and complaining that I signed him up for an art class, and now he is showing off his work and telling me it is his favorite course.

Student (Humanities 101) – April 1, 2022

The live classes are so much fun to look forward to each week, and the assignments are always different and engaging. I love this class and the flexibility of it. Mrs Eades always makes each class fun and educational. The discussions are also one of my favorite parts!

Student (Humanities 101) – March 29, 2022

I love Mrs Eades and her classes so much! She’s really fun, engaging, and makes even boring subjects interesting! She also has really great energy and is very enthusiastic about whatever we’re learning, and is very understanding. I love when she has us read Shakespeare scripts in class! 🙂 Her and Mrs Roy make an amazing team too!!

Mrs Eades greatest benefits include: willingness to help when needed, flexibility, humor, understanding, creativity, caring for each student, ENCOURAGEMENT (she’s always encouraging everyone!), and a lot of fun!! The classes greatest benefits include: A really fun way to experience history; read through Shakespeare’s plays in a really fun way; learn a LOT of interesting history facts, and complete many fun, creative projects to help remember everything!

Parent (Humanities 101) – March 25, 2022

I currently have two high school sophomores, a girl and a boy, taking the course. It lends a unique perspective as one cherishes writing and art, and the other not so much. However, both students enjoy, learn, and do well in this Humanities course. It has been a exceptional combination of literature, art, and history. It has kept both engaged throughout the year. They especially enjoy the interaction of the online live classes.  The teachers exemplify the joy of teaching. Both students feel the teachers care about not only the subject matter but about them as students.

Lisa C. (Parent, High School Art 1: Fine Arts Foundations) – June 4, 2021

I probably would never have considered an online art class, but with the pandemic and in-person classes not available it was our only option for my daughter who loves to make art. We were not disappointed!
Mrs. Eades is an amazing art instructor. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind, creative, and relates so well with her students.
I was especially pleased with the variety of quality art projects and assignments throughout the year. Mrs. Eades instructions were detailed and she was easily available to answer any questions from my daughter. Mrs. Eades has become a favorite teacher and my daughter is looking forward to her next art class in the fall with her.

Lindy Thompson (Parent, Middle School Art Exploration) April 28, 2021

I am the mother of a non-neurotypical young teen and she did very well in Mrs. Eades’ class. She absolutely loved it and was introduced to so many different artistic media and tools and projects — waaay more than I would ever have gotten around to sharing with her on my own. The environment in the live class was welcoming and investigative, and Mrs. Eades herself is an outstanding teacher and lovely to deal with. We communicated frequently because she was completely committed to making the class work for my daughter, and it truly did. The flexibility of project timelines combined with the different options Mrs. Eades gave for many of the assignments made this class a really good experience for us. Due to the level of assistance my child required, it was definitely a time commitment for me, but it would not necessarily be that way in another family, and one interesting side effect of my involvement is that I used watercolors alongside my daughter for the first time and totally fell in love with them and am hoping to take a local class to learn more. Homeschooling really is a blessing for the whole family!!

Lily (student, multiple classes) Feb 2, 2021

I have been in almost all of Mrs Eades classes taught at Aim Academy, but I’ve also been lucky enough to be in several in person classes with her. And on top of all that, she’s also my mom, so I’ve experienced her teaching first hand for many years! I love all her classes so much and cannot recommend them enough!! Even though I’m her daughter and may sound biased, I mean it entirely! She has such a gift for teaching, and cares so much about each of her students! She could also be teaching the most seemingly boring topic and still make it interesting and engaging! She has so much enthusiasm and passion for everything she teaches, and that is so obvious to anyone who’s ever been in a class with her. If you’re looking for a fun, very engaging, funny, caring teacher, who genuinely makes any topic exciting to learn about, I can’t recommend her enough! 🙂

Elyse R. (parent, High School Fine Arts) – Feb 2, 2021

My daughter has taken several of Mrs. Eades’ classes and is currently in the High School Fine Arts class. I cannot recommend any of her classes highly enough. She is an amazing teacher! First, she is extremely encouraging, engaging, and creative. She makes learning fun and makes your children want to learn. She has just the right combination of support, encouragement, kindness, passion, academic excellence, and drive to help your children be their best. I have been so impressed with the range and depth of projects that they have created this year. She has learned so much about all different styles of art and experimented with numerous new techniques and mediums and advanced in multiple areas. This class has been so valuable in teaching much more than art and opening up a whole range of possibilities. If possible, my daughter would have Mrs. Eades teach all her classes!

Justine (Student, Intro to Art) – July 7, 2020

I had the chance to take Mrs. Eades’ art classes for a couple years in high school and loved every minute of it!

The way she described the different art techniques was easy to understand and follow, even for someone as inexperienced in art as I was. I also really appreciated the way she included art history into her lessons. Knowing where a specific aspect of art comes from historically makes it so much easier to remember and identify it in later pieces!
Another thing I enjoyed was the pace of the classes. We spent enough time on each piece to really learn about it, but we also kept moving and learning new things so it was always interesting!
Overall, I would highly recommend Mrs. Eades’ art classes – they are very enjoyable, and give you the opportunity to learn about art in a way that both improves your skills (considerably in my case!) and sticks in your memory.

Shardelle Olson (Parent, Intro to Art) – July 7, 2020

I am a mother of 4 children. Some are artsy, some are not. Over the years my children have been involved in a number of Heather’s art classes with many different themes from crazy art to specific drawing. Every time my children have been engaged and learn a lot about different mediums. They have participated in her classes at many different ages and she has a wonderful way of engaging them all. She has a spunky personality that makes every class delightful and entertaining and yet has patience for all levels in the class. Every child feels successful. Not only has she taught my children but she has taught at homeschool groups with older teens. The teens all loved her as a teacher as well and she created incredible artists. I would highly recommed any and all art classes that Heather teaches. She is extremely talented and knowledgable and her teacher skills are phenominal.

Naomi V. (Student, Middle School Art Exploration) – July 11, 2020

I am an eleven-year old girl who has been a student of Mrs. Eades for more than three years. My favorite thing about her as my art teacher is how she explains what I should be doing along the way and makes it easy for me to learn as she teaches me new ideas about art. She always has an example, so I see what the goal is, making it more objective for me to understand the process. I have had both group and private lessons, but I think I enjoy the group lessons with friends even more than the personal instruction. I would highly recommend Mrs. Eades as an art instructor because she is a super fun teacher!

Marlene Van Kooten (Parent, Middle School Art Exploration) – July 11, 2020

Mrs. Eades has taught my daughter art lessons for several years, both private and group lessons, and Naomi keeps begging for more lessons. As a result, she has stretched Naomi’s talents by using all different types of mediums and compositions, and she has has created an amazing portfolio for Naomi. Mrs. Eades is a very fun loving, talented teacher, who is passionate about seeing her students catch her love of art. The manner in which she engages her students in an entertaining way makes art not only fun, but attainable for the student as well. I would highly recommend Mrs. Eades to any family who is wanting a teacher who truly cares about her students, and she is willing to invest in them to see them succeed in their growing talents and knowledge of art.

Emily (Student, Middle School Art Exploration) – July 8, 2020

Mrs. Eades is a wonderful teacher! I took her classes for about a year, and I absolutely loved it! I always looked forward to Tuesday art classes. It was always fun to see what new project we were going to do, and I loved learning to work with many different mediums – watercolor, oil pastel, even shaving cream! I would recommend Mrs. Eades classes for any aspiring artist!

C. Kastens (Parent, Middle School Art Exploration) – July 8, 2020

Heather is a great teacher and has an amazing heart for not only children, but for everyone she crosses paths with. She taught our middle daughter art for a year and always inspired her to use her imagination and add her own flair to the project, while also giving direction and objectives. It was a great balance. She is a good listener and understands that each person is unique with special giftings. I highly recommend her as an art teacher and consider her to be one of those people we need way more of (joyful and encouraging)!

Kristoffer K. (Student in Literature and Composition) — July, 2020

Mrs. Eades is an amazing teacher!  Her classes are extremely fun and engaging, while teaching you what you need to know.  I have thoroughly liked all classes I’ve taken from her over the past years.  She’s always there to answer any questions, always encouraging and uplifting, and simply makes things enjoyable.  

    Mrs. Eades has completely changed how I feel about myself as a writer.  Three years ago when I started with her, I didn’t really like writing at all.  But now, it has become something I really enjoy!  The addition of the literature this past year was great as well!  I now have a much better idea of how to understand/analyze what I read.

     Whatever Mrs. Eades is teaching, I promise you will have a very positive experience.  You will have tons of fun, and walk away with a totally new appreciation of the topic.  Mrs. Eades’ personality never changes – she’s always happy to see you and ready to help!  Signing up for Mrs. Eades classes have clearly been some of the best choices I’ve ever made.  I know you will love Mrs. Eades just as much as I do!    

Kristin H. (Parent) – July, 2020

Mrs. Eades is wonderful teacher!  She has been such a blessing to my son these past three years.  Through her always supportive and encouraging words, she has helped him grow in skill and confidence in his abilities.  She is so very kind and thoughtful, and teaches with a very positive, strengths-based, upbuilding style.  She does a good job of meeting students where they are, and helping them grow from there.

     She is quickly responsive to any questions from students or parents, and very thorough in explanation.  She has a kind, caring, upbeat, and often humorous way about her – which quickly leads to a good rapport with her students.  

     I am confident that whatever class Mrs. Eades is teaching, your student will have an overall great experience – learning a lot about the subject matter, gaining in skill and confidence, and enjoying some laughs and a fun time!

Daniel (High School Student, Literature and Composition) — May, 2020

“Mrs. Eades has by far been my favorite English teacher ever! Unlike all my other teachers who would make me want to go to sleep (literally), Mrs. Eades makes me excited to learn. She always has a smile on her face which always brightens up my day! You will have an amazing year in Mrs. Eades’ class, even if you don’t like school, reading, or writing! She makes everything fun, so time will fly by in her class.”

(Parent, Creative Composition 1) — May, 2020

“Heather is such an incredible teacher and a joy for my daughter!! She made writing fun and enjoyable, which is not easy to do. One of my main goals for this class was for my daughter to not hate writing, but Heather exceeded all those expectations by creating a class that was fun, encouraging, and academically sound. At the end of the year, my daughter was sad for the class to end, which was a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Thank you!!”

(High School Student, Literature and Composition) — May, 2020

“When I started In this class I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never done a writing class before. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the teacher is and how she was able to help me become a better writer. Mrs. Eades is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had!”

(Middle School Parent, Creative Composition 1) — May, 2020

“This was an excellent class! My daughter learned a great deal about writing and really enjoyed the experience. She particularly appreciated the interesting writing topics included in the curriculum and Mrs. Eades’ warm, engaging personality. The course was thorough and interesting in content, and Mrs. Eades made it a FUN experience for the students!”

Caleigh (Student, Creative Composition 1) — May, 2020

“I really liked how inclusive this class was. Even though I was older, you treated me the same and had faith in me and gave me the courage to keep writing.”

Maguire (Middle School Student, Creative Composition 1) –May, 2020

“I loved this class so much. It helped me become a better writer.”

Laura Heikkila (Parent, Writers in Residence: Apprentice)  

“Signing my daughter up for Writers in Residence with AIM Academy was the best homeschooling decision I made this year (possibly ever)! It was my daughter’s first time taking an online course and Mrs. Eades ensured the class environment was welcoming and encouraging. Also, as a parent, Mrs. Eades welcomed communication and was happy to answer any question I had or provide any assistance I needed.

Writing is one of my challenging areas to teach, as it is not a strength of mine. I tried various curriculums with my kids and none of them seemed to spark an interest in writing. So many seemed to be filled with uninteresting exercises or busywork, but Writers in Residence was a completely different experience! It is focused on learning to write the way professional writers actually write. And the writing assignments are interesting and allow for creativity. It completely changed the way my daughter views writing and her level of skill increased dramatically this year.

When I asked my daughter why she would recommend the course, she shared that the class helped improve her writing by giving her a writing coach, as well as, providing her with other students to interact with in the class. She found it helpful to hear other students read their papers because it exposed her to different styles of writing and it also motivated her to improve her writing because she knew she would be reading her pieces to others.

We are looking forward to continuing with Writers in Residence (WIR) next year. My son will be taking Volume 1 and my daughter will be continuing in WIR by taking Volume 2. We highly recommend the Writing in Residence course and Mrs. Eades!”

Tonya (Parent, Writers in Residence: Apprentice)  

“Mrs. Eades has been such a blessing to my family! She has inspired my children (a boy in each section) to learn to write, and they have really enjoyed these online classes with her and their classmates. It’s been both a comfort and a joy to watch them develop their writing skills in such an encouraging, engaging environment. We are thankful to have found this class, and my sons and I highly recommend it! “

Kristin (Parent, Writers in Residence: Apprentice) 

This has been such a great class for my son! Mrs. Eades is amazing! She is so very kind and has only supportive and uplifting words for her students. She is always so upbeat, positive, and encouraging. She is very thoughtful in her critiques on writing assignments, which, again, are always only positive and upbuilding! She has really helped my son grow in his confidence and ease of writing.
The curriculum itself is also great! Many of the assignments are geared towards the students writing about themselves: memories, an autobiography, and even letters to their future children (fun!); and interviewing and learning about various family members. This has provided a valuable avenue for writing, but also an even more valuable opportunity for the students to explore and think about themselves and their lives and what is important to them, as well as creating a great collection of memories and stories about their family members. By the end of this class, my son will have a wonderful portfolio of writings full of personal and family gems. He will likely keep and treasure this for a long time to come!
I also really appreciate how Mrs. Eades and the Writers in Residence curriculum emphasize and support each student in finding and sharing their unique, God-given voice, and encourage them to “share” this with their readers in their writings.
We’ve already signed up for Section 2 of this class next fall!

Ashley (Parent,Writers in Residence: Apprentice)  

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed Mrs.Eades WIR Vol.1class. Mrs. Eades gives encouraging feedback with each assignment and my daughter can not wait for her online class each week. The WIR curriculum is very well organized and easy for the students to follow. I never have to remind her to do her homework each day- she throughly enjoys each assignment! Mrs. Eades has truly had a positive impact on my daughter and given her confidence in her writing.