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George Sheehan Reviews

Student (Intro to U.S. Legal Studies) — March 1, 2024

Introduction to Legal Studies was easily one of my favorite classes that I took during high school. I knew that it was going to further my education and interest in the field of law because of the teacher alone, Mr. Sheehan. He successfully made the mundane invigorating and turned things like Constitutional Law and Contract Law into something worth caring about. His poise and patience with the students in the classroom were unmatched. The topics we covered in class ranged broadly, ensuring that we understood all of the different aspects within the separate fields of law. It piqued my interest, had me actively engaged, and made me want to be a lawyer even more. That class, as well as the teacher, was extremely impactful to my high school experience, and I still reflect on it today. (Current UT student)

Student (Intro to U.S. Legal Studies) — February 26, 2024

I had the pleasure of taking Mr. Sheehan’s Introduction to Legal Studies course in high school. The course was not only formative to my understanding, but my overall interest in the legal system. Mr. Sheehan was an excellent teacher, being able to articulate complex legal concepts into simpler terms to grasp. He was able to make the course immensely engaging with what he called his “War Stories” as well as answering the classes’ hypotheticals. Introduction to Legal Studies easily was the best course I took. (Current Political Science Major at Villanova University)