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Dr. Terri Kanner Reviews

Student (AP Biology) – May 2, 2024

I liked Dr. Kanner’s AP Biology class a lot! We’ve learned a lot and Dr. Kanner is always willing to help explain things in more detail in case the content itself isn’t enough. We also did quite a few labs that helped solidify our learning along with the live classes. Overall I enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it to future students!

Parent (AP Biology) – May 1, 2024

My student found the classes and labs very engaging. He greatly benefitted from the live classes. Dr. Terry is a very organized and a great teacher when it comes to engaging the students in the class and communicating. The AP exam prep was very helpful in preparing for the actual AP exam.

Parent (AP Biology) – October 4, 2023

Ms. Terry is very caring, patient and supportive. She keeps the student engaged in the class. Until now, my son had not shown much interest in Biology. But now, he loves Biology and looks forward to the class. Solid curriculum, varied assignments, engaging class, perfect AP class.

Student (AP Biology) – September 29, 2023

Dr. Kanner is a great teacher and presents things in an interactive and interesting way. Dr. Kanner’s teaching style feels very personal

Parent (Anatomy & Physiology) – May 13, 2023

Both of my children have had such an amazing year (and two years!) with you! Thank you for teaching and growing them as individuals. You will be missed!  Get ready though as we have two more that will be ready for you in a few years 😉

Parent (Anatomy & Physiology) – April 21, 2023

My daughter has loved this class! She finds the teacher engaging and informative. She enjoys asking questions and feels the teacher is responsive to her curiosity. The small class size and open discussion has been great for my learning. I would just like to thank the teacher for her commitment to the class and her responsiveness to my daughter.

Student (Anatomy & Physiology) – April 17, 2023

I expected that I would learn a lot, but I didn’t realize just much what I have learned in this class would help with other aspects of my life. It is so interesting how everything Interacts! To me Anatomy and Physiology has never really felt like work. I love how all of the subjects build on each other to piece together the complex puzzle of the human body. Personally I have found the many different ways we Interact with the materials throughout the course (the textbook, the coloring pages, the videos, the videos, and the lectures) all together to be very helpful for my learning style.

Student (Human Anatomy & Physiology) – September 25, 2022

I find this class very interesting and engaging! The stories and examples given in class are really helpful to me. I really love the live meeting part of class. I am an auditory learner so just reading and taking test isn’t really helpful to me. I retain things so much more from the classes, examples, and the continued reinforcement of the materials.

Terri Kanner took a year off of teaching with Aim and we are thrilled to have her back again this year.

Anonymous (Student in Biology) – April 28th, 2020

This has been an amazing class! and you are a really engaging teacher and explain and teach things thoroughly and clearly!

Kaylee J. (Student in Biology) – April 28th, 2020

I loved having you as a teacher this year! Being able to talk back and forth in classes really helped me understand topics deeper with real world examples. The virtual labs were REALLY useful and were some of my favorite assignment types. I really hope to return as one of your students again soon!

Student (Anatomy and Physiology) April 30th, 2020

Anatomy and Physiology was a good foundation before I go on to study nursing. It had the right amount of challenge involved and I would recommend this course to anyone who was looking for a class to give them a foundation before college.

Alexa W. (Student in Biology, Pre-AP and Advanced) – April 30th, 2020

This class was incredible! I was really nervous to take this class at first because it was honors level. I never thought that I would be able to actually understand such complex things, but I was! Also, I have never taken or even seen a class that uses guided notes, but they are so helpful. They point out the information that you need to focus on so you don’t go memorizing things you don’t need to know. I’m going to miss this class next year. 🙁

Bella (Student in Anatomy and Physiology) – May 4th, 2020

I personally worked really well with the way this class was taught. The guided notes and open book approach for most things helped me focus on understanding the structures and processes taught in each module, rather than having to just rigidly memorize terms without knowing what they mean. Lectures were also engaging and colorful, and though student interaction was a little tough at times when I wasn’t sure what to say, I wouldn’t change that at all because it definitely helped me learn and made lectures more enjoyable. I also LOVED how energetic you are about this subject – I’m a big biology nerd, to be honest, and your enthusiasm made me happy. 🙂 In addition, I appreciated how we took time a few months ago at the beginnings of a couple lectures to talk briefly about COVID-19; the whole situation is confusing and scary and it’s too easy to find misinformation online in the age of the internet, so I’m really glad that you took the time to talk about it with us and explain the general science behind the virus. Overall, this class was both enjoyable and appropriately challenging, and I learned a lot.

Luke (Student in Honors Biology, Pre-AP and Advanced) – May 8, 2020

This is a great class. I loved learning from Dr. Kanner. The class was fun, informative, and entertaining. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take biology next year. Dr. Kanner did a very good job of explaining all the topics we learned about from animal behavior to photosynthesis, and everything in between. The assignments were perfectly balanced between fun and challenging. Dr. Kanner always responded quickly to any question I had. Dr. Kanner also added lessons and information to respond to the coronavirus pandemic so that we could better understand what was happening in the world around us. Honors Biology was my favorite course this year!

Karin Zhou (Parent of Biology student) May 16

My son took Dr. Kanner’s Biology course this 2018-2019 school year and has enjoyed it very much because the class was engaging and well organized. Dr. Kanner made it interesting by giving numerous real life examples to illustrate the various concepts. The class was rigorous and the workload was manageable. Weekly homework included the completion of Guided Notes with frequent either virtual or hands-on labs. Every week was a quiz and about every 5-6 weeks a larger test. Dr. Kanner was always open to questions and responded quickly. In fact, we liked her class so much that my younger son signed-up for her class next year.

Kristina (Student in Anatomy and Physiology) 

Anatomy and Physiology was one of my favorite classes. I learned so much about the human body. Dr. Kanner was always happy to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend this class even if you aren’t going into medicine.

Matthew Williams (Student in Anatomy and Physiology) 

Dr. Kanner is a master at teaching Anatomy and Physiology. When she says that A&P was her favorite subject, she means it! From the brain all the way to the urinary system, Dr. Kanner explains her material well. Over the course, I learned things about my body that I did not even know; I did not even know what the word Homeostasis meant before this class. Now, I know that homeostasis is a process that allows our bodies to survive and maintain stability. That is just an example. Dr. Kanner is straightforward, kind, extremely helpful, and ready to work. For those who are pursuing a health career, you need to take this class, as it will set you up for college and health professional schools (medical, dental, nursing, etc.). However, if you are not pursuing a health profession, this class is still excellent to take because you are learning about your body and all the different systems that make you who you are. Dr. Kanner’s Anatomy and Physiology class prepares you for success in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I myself would constantly be talking about what I learned from A&P to my family all the time. With this class, you definitely will need to put in the work and a couple hours a day as there is so much to learn and topics to bediscussed about…I mean, it is the human body and its functions! This class was enjoyable from start to finish from the labs, to the homework, to the tests, and finally to the discussions. This class is not easy, but if you put in the time, the work, and your mind to it, then the class will be great.

Leigh Stern (Student Advanced Biology) 

I took Dr. Kanner’s class in the 2017-2018 school year, and was very pleased. Looking for someone who would continue my love of biology as I remember liking it in Middle School, Dr. Kanner certainly did keep us engaged and interested in the material. The use of a college-level textbook helped in keeping the material serious as well as offering as much information as one could possibly want on the subject, and I also very much appreciated the periodic quizzes that we took to make sure our understanding of the material was solid. I especially liked doing the labs since they were formulated for an AP class and thus were quite engaging while also being a challenge. Although they all took some time to complete (I usually spent a minimum of 2 to 2.5 hours on any given lab), I felt that my understanding of the subject increased after I had completed my reports. Dr. Kanner always was quick to respond and helpful in answering any questions that I might have. As I decided against taking the Biology SAT subject test I couldn’t say whether or not this class would have prepared me for it. However, what I can state with absolute certainty is that if you want a class where the teacher continually brings in real-world examples into any subject you study, makes you genuinely excited for each upcoming class, and makes you feel entirely confident in tackling the homework assignments, then this is definitely a fantastic class. I would absolutely recommend it.