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Devon Kelly Reviews

Parent (Middle School Creative Writing) — November 9, 2023

My student really likes the class; she is always excited to go to class and does her homework. Ms. Kelly is very encouraging and gives very insightful feedback

Parent (High School Academic Writing) — October 10, 2023

I really appreciate the feedback on written work! I love the constructive and positive feedback. This has been so helpful for my student. Thank you!

Student (High School Academic Writing) — September 29, 2023

I’m not much of an English guy, but this class doesn’t make the subject boring or hard to follow along with.

Parent (High School Academic Writing) — September 29, 2023

The directions the teacher provide are excellent, and the grading rubric is always clear. The feedback is very informative and helps my son improve his writing. There is great organization of the course, very supportive demeanor and constructive delivery of the material. I love that students are given the opportunity to edit their papers.

Student (High School Academic Writing) — September 29, 2023

I think I’ve received a better understanding so far of the different writing rules and how to use them. It is a flexible class so I can work on it whenever I have the time, and still get a good understanding of it.