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Charles Baughman Reviews

Joni C. (Parent in previous course) 

I appreciate the analytical skills taught to my daughter by her instructor, Mr. B. She can now evaluate her work; what she likes about it and what needs improvement. From this thought process, Hannah comes up with a solution to improve her artwork and she leaves the class feeling proud of her work and what she has accomplished.

Sue Ann J. (Parent in previous course) 

My children, Maria and David (ages 19 and 17) have done some really outstanding art and I am sure it is because of the foundation laid by Mr. B. It has also been an excellent way to exercise the creative parts of the brain while giving the other parts of the brain a rest, and that has led to successful problem-solving in some very high-level areas (robotics, programming, engineering design, etc.) But the best part is the fun and personal expression outlet it has always given them, and continue to give them today. They actually enjoy and appreciate visual expression in their own way. Thanks for all you taught them.

Shannon H. (Student in previous course)

I enjoyed classes with Mr. B because they helped me hone my skills, pay attention to detail, and just overall allowed me to grow as an artist. Mr. B prepared me for my future plans to study animation by bringing out the best of my talents.

Ella B. (Student in previous course, now an art instructor)

I have always appreciated how beneficial Mr. B’s art classes have been for myself and my art skills. Art has grown into a future career and something I want to continue to pursue for life. I have learned so many techniques and as a high school student in art class every day I realize the benefits of attending Mr. B’s classes. I felt I have a ‘one up’ on everyone else because I understand the art techniques and language.

Creath P. (parent in previous course)

My son has taken art classes at the Art Park for a number of years and always enjoys having Charles as his teacher. Charles is amazingly patient and kind to all his students while encouraging them to express themselves through their art. He is always quick with the compliments and makes sure every student feels special.

Amy O. (parent in previous course)

My son has taken classes for Charles and I’ve been privileged to sit in on the end of several classes. I love to watch how the kids respond to his direction in class and work to find their own style and character in their projects – Charles encourages and fosters creativity in his students. My son said Mr. B takes time to get to know his students and what they like.