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Bev Graybill Reviews

Parent (English Foundations 3) – May 27, 2024

I have had the unique opportunity to follow both the live zoom sessions as well as the weekly assignments for this class as my son is on the spectrum and I provided him with both behavior support as well as support to access his assistive technology through which he communicates and completes assignments. I therefore have a thorough knowledge of the course content and delivery.

Prior to enrolling my son in this class, I had many questions which were immediately answered by Ms. Graybill. This was my first positive experience with her. This open communication continued throughout the year. The live zoom classes gave the students ample exposure to the grammar and vocabulary lessons and opportunity to participate to class discussions. Ms. Graybill’s lessons were engaging and thorough. From time to time, she prepared Kahoot games to review the material prior to a test. The course content itself was very rigorous and provided the students with a very solid foundation for high school. In addition, the feedback that was provided on written assignments were extremely detailed and allowed the students to improve their writing skills.

I have been extremely pleased with the rigor of this class as well as Ms. Graybill’s efforts to make my son feel accepted and successful. I strongly recommend English Foundations 3 to anyone looking to provide their learner with a solid foundation in language arts.

Student (English Foundations 3) – May 25, 2024

I love Ms. Graybill because I learned so much from her and although I am different from other kids because I have autism, she never made me feel any different than the other students and accepted me for who I am. This is how all teachers should be. I will never forget her. . .

Parent (English & World History Bundle) – May 2, 2023

Thank you for offering this combo class – I really think enhancing learning history through literature is a fantastic and effective approach. We also appreciated the flexibility – we like that students get to choose the literature they read, or the type of projects they create. We have really appreciated the combination History/Lit classes! 

Parent (English & World History Bundle) – April 17, 2023

The class has laid a great groundwork of grammar for my 2 children who were in her class. We combined it with the ancient and medieval history class which gave great book recommendations that were used in both classes. I have seen improvement in their writing papers throughout the year.

Parent (English & Ancient History Bundle) – September 29, 2022

My son is VERY engaged in this course and learning incredible amounts of information that he is proudly sharing with anyone who will listen.  Enthusiasm, support, encouragement, selection of excellent textbook & resource material are this course (and teacher’s) greatest benefits.

Parent (English & Ancient History Bundle) – September 26, 2022

My kids are learning a great deal and enjoying their history classes. The projects and book lists have been great for both of them. My younger 7th grader is learning great skills of following her assignments and figuring out how another teacher (besides mom) wants things done. I like the incorporation of the history and English being done together as opposed to having separate projects and papers.

Parent (U.S. Presidents) – September 25, 2022

The course is packed with interesting facts. I love that I can discus with my daughter important historical events from American history. Mrs. Graybill is an amazing teacher. She has a lot of knowledge, and has the ability to keep my daughter engaged and curios in the history course.

Student (Ancient and Medieval History) – September 22, 2022

Mrs. Graybill makes history(my least favorite subject) very fun!

Parent (English Foundations 3) – March 30, 2022

We appreciate Bev’s homeschooling-friendly style and comprehensive class. She has clear instructions and detailed feedback for the students and is easy to communicate with. Her class combines everything we look for in an English class: literature, composition, grammar and vocabulary. She has been a blessing to work with through unexpected family difficulties and genuinely cares about her students. Highest recommendation.

Parent (Ancient and Medieval History) – March 30, 2022

There is a lot to cover in this double class, and she does so with well-organized weeks. Bev’s greatest benefits are her organization and overall presentation to the class. Cheerful, careful, considerate. Gives constructive feedback! We loved combining history with literature! Wow, what a benefit. It really appealed to my literature-loving daughter. Thank you for doing it.

Student (Ancient and Medieval History) – March 30, 2022

I am always interested in learning new things, but this class is particularly engaging because of Mrs. G’s composure and dedication. The assignments are organized, the in-class lectures are friendly and understandable, and the workload amount is just right. All of this together leaves ample room for curiosity, and a determined drive to get those good grades. The class does not only teach you history, but you also learn grammar and write essays for different purposes. You also learn about history through the book that you chose from the selection, which is very fun for an avid reader like me.

Parent (English Foundations 3) – March 29, 2022

Bev is a fabulous teacher. Her course is just as expected from the syllabus. My son has benefited the most from help with his writing. Bev writes encouraging comments and at the same time knows how to motivate him to do more. I appreciate all the different types of writing throughout the year. Literature choices were also excellent. My son didn’t always enjoy analyzing the stories, but he’s grown a lot! Grammar and vocab sections were also beneficial, but not as much as the other two for our family – nothing to do with Bev’s teaching though! Keep up the good work. My son has loved your classes for the past two years and will be sad to not be with you next year. Thanks for investing in him and for helping him to develop into a better thinker and writer. Thanks for challenging him and encouraging him. Thanks for being flexible when we have needed the flexibility. Wishing you all the best!

Melissa Allen (Parent, English Foundations 3) – April 16,2021

Excellent class! A thorough, all encompassing English class–Mrs. Graybill does a great job with managing all the different aspects of English that an upcoming high schooler needs to know. My daughter enjoyed class each week–Mrs. Graybill is engaging and encouraging, the assignments were well laid out and expectations were clear. She caught up on much needed grammar skills, got great feedback and instruction on writing, and enjoyed the literature that was used in the class. This was our first Aim Academy class–I was very impressed with the content, and especially the quality of teacher in “Mrs. G”!

Sarah Peterson (Parent, English Foundations 1) – April 22, 2021

My son is finishing up EF 1 with Mrs. Graybill. I have been very pleased with the class. Mrs. Graybill’s syllabus balances all the main ingredients for a rich, comprehensive English class: vocabulary, grammar, literature, and writing. She provides many chances for extra credit and detailed expectations for each assignment. She is very accessible and I appreciate that she herself was a homeschooling mom. For a 14 year old boy to want to take her again is proof indeed of her skill with middle schoolers. Highly recommended!

Linda Jackson (Parent, American History Through Literature) – April 17, 2021

Mrs. Graybill is an excellent teacher. Well organized and quick to give feedback to her students, my son is amazed at how quickly she grades assignments and answers his emails. I loved how she gave weekly schedules to the students so they can pace themselves throughout the week. Mrs. Graybill offers an in-depth book list for each period of history, both fiction and non-fiction, which students have the option of selecting literature from. She assigns projects which help students learn more deeply. She even offered advanced topics in grammar for students who were interested. As a mom who has been homeschooling for 19 years and having been a part of many online courses and co-ops Mrs. G. is top tier for online teachers! My son learned a lot this year. We are grateful such a fantastic class is offered through AIM Academy. We highly recommend this course!

Isaac J. (Student, American History Through Literature) – April 17, 2021

I appreciated being able to learn history through literature. I felt like the history came to life though those stories, and I understood the people of that time period better because of the books. One of my favorite books, The Land by Mildred Taylor, I found through this class. I also like that Ms. Graybill is very attentive and would respond and grade my work almost right after I finish.

Lauren Clark (Parent, American History Through Literature) – April , 2021

I am so glad that I found AIM Academy and this course for my daughter. Mrs. Graybill provides a rigorous class. At the beginning of the course my daughter felt that the workload was too heavy, but after some time she was able to adjust to the new expectations. I think this class is fantastic preparation for my daughter’s upcoming transition into high school. Thank you for a great year!

Daisy Grandlinard (Parent, Our Fifty States) – April 20, 2021

This is a challenging class that covers a lot of material, involves many projects and exposes students to various new experiences. I am glad to see this is being made into a 2 semester class. Mrs. Graybill is very responsive and encouraging to her students.

Dawn Johansen (Parent, American History Through Literature) – April 20, 2021

The class was very informative and we found the Mrs. Graybill to be helpful. My son loved the projects that were included in the learning and found it fun to create and research. She responded to the parents and was very willing to adapt course work load. There was a bit of confusion and overload at one time with the assignments. Her communication is excellent and assignments were adjusted to fit the concerns of some parents.

Anonymous (Parent in U.S. Presidents and Our Fifty States) April 24th, 2020

It exceeded our expectations in the excitement our son had towards this class. Mrs. Graybill has always brought a great curriculum with both my kids they have learned so much. It truly takes something special to keep them engaged and eager for her class. All expectations exceeded!

Anonymous (Parent in English Foundations 2) April 27th, 2020

-Consistent meeting times

-Excellent teacher response to all assignments. I was blown away by the individualized feedback for each assignment, which enables the student to grow, regardless of their current caliber of work.

-Teacher truly cared about the students. We had an issue come up partway into the year and the teacher was very caring and responsive, and gave grace to our child.

Anonymous (Parent in American History Through Literature) April 27th, 2020

We have been thrilled with this class. I really wanted my daughter to have another teacher other than myself before entering high school and other online classes. This class gave her a safe place for that transition to happen. She was challenged, guided, and encouraged. I feel like the class helped to strengthen some of the areas where I did not know how to teach/grade and gave her confidence in some areas we didn’t know she was strong in. My daughter has struggled with confidence with schooling and was so scared to go into a different learning situation (which was one reason I really pushed for this) and Mrs. Graybill did such a great job of making her feel comfortable and confident. Her thorough evaluations on the writing assignments were so helpful. If you put in the effort, you will succeed in this class. We are so thrilled she took this class and had this opportunity to learn and grow in her language arts skills.

Anonymous (Parent in English Foundations 1) – April 25th, 2020

Covers grammar, literature, vocabulary and writing. Well laid out in that students are given daily expectations to complete with weekly due dates. This allows great flexibility for students to do daily work to keep on track or work ahead if they are inclined to do so. Besides weekly class sessions, students had videos and PowerPoints to reference for information. Mrs. Graybill was very patient with my daughter and I am grateful for her help with English this past year.  Five stars for Mrs. Graybill and this course.

Brett (Student in English Foundations 2) – April 30, 2020

This was by far the best class I have ever done. It was very thorough and I learned a variety of things. Mrs. Graybill, is very nice, helpful, and forgiving. 5 stars

Joseph M. (Student in English Foundations 1) – April 29, 2020

5 (stars) I think that Mrs.Graybill is an awesome teacher. She expects a lot from you, but not too much, and can be flexible too. I loved this course and am kind of sad that it is coming to an end. I hope to take more of her classes in the future.

Kristy Stoll (Student in American History Through Literature)  – April 20th, 2020

Excellent class! Super interesting and educational, while still fun and entertaining! Literature and History are (honestly) my least favorite topics, but Bev made them super interesting and easy. 10/10!

Kelly (Parent, Our Fifty States)–March 1, 2020

Our Fifty States (my son is currently enrolled– Winter 2020) has been such a provision. The content is of course fantastic, what’s there not to love about learning about our amazing 50 states? However, it’s more than just the content. I enjoy that my son is learning how to learn various things that we have not yet been able to teach him such as using CANVAS (which our local and highly rated JC uses), citing sources in his research paper, live interactions via the web, being accountable to someone other than mom and dad, etc. I also really enjoy the flexibility that Mrs. Graybill offers. Certain things are mandatory but other things are optional (such as vocabulary and other things too). I was able to look at my son’s current course load, his gifts and the class and then decide how best to support his growth. Mrs. Graybill is very accommodating, kind, knowledgeable, quick to respond and really just a fantastic teacher. I highly recommend her and this course.

Laura (Parent in English Foundations 2) November 18

English Foundations 2 has been the best language arts course I’ve ever come across. Mrs. Graybill is the kindest, most wonderful teacher. She has designed a phenomenal class covering many language arts subjects in one course throughout the year. We love how organized her class is! My child loves Mrs. Graybill’s incredible live classes, the detailed weekly lessons, her amazing PowerPoints, and all the valuable assignments she teaches, along with the helpful feedback she provides. Canvas is an excellent site and Mrs. Graybill has put together fun, interesting, structured lessons which really challenge students and helps them become confident learners, writers, and communicators. My child has never learned so much in a class before, and we deeply appreciate Mrs. Graybill and all her time and effort she has put into this course.

Parent (U.S. Presidents and Our Fifty States) May 9

Mrs. Graybill is an excellent teacher! She is flexible, caring, and challenges students to do their best. My son took both the U.S. Presidents and 50 States course this year and has learned a tremendous amount about our country, organization, and pushing himself in new ways. These courses are well structured, challenging, and offer students the opportunity to present the knowledge they have gained in a variety of ways. It isn’t just a history class! My son said, “Her classes are awesome! She keeps you hoppin’ and had high expectations, but I am proud of the work I’ve done.”

Student (American History Through Literature) May 1

Taking this class has improved my knowledge of History and my writing skills. Mrs. Graybill has been a great teacher. She always responded whenever I needed help. When she came to my city, I had the great pleasure of meeting her. She is awesome in person and behind a computer screen. I would highly Recommend this class to other homeschoolers who are looking to take English and History.

Student (American History Through Literature) 

Mrs. Graybill is a very nice teacher. She cares about how I am doing on my schoolwork and helps me improve. I really enjoy having her as a teacher and would definitely recommend this class to other homeschoolers. Also, the assignments are doable but not too easy.

Student (English Foundations 2) 

This class was really helpful. It has helped me a lot with grammar things and the required books were very enjoyable. Mrs. Graybill, as a teacher is very talented. I had quite a bit of trouble with many things, and so I had lots of questions which Mrs. G. answered patiently. This class has helped me to branch out and try different things, and has offered many challenges. Mrs. G. is a very encouraging, helpful, fun, and understanding teacher. I only found one thing that I didn’t like in this class and that was the many grammar questions, and that is because I don’t really like grammar. Overall I was very honored to get to know Mrs. G. and be a part of her class! I recommend this class to any one who has had grammar problems, writing issues, ect. Thank you Mrs. G. for your teaching!

Parent (U.S. Presidents) — February 11th, 2019

I can’t tell you how much this class has grown Joshua! It has definitely challenged him in so many ways! He has grown not only in knowledge but improved in reading, spelling, learned to do a book report, research paper and power point! You are an awesome teacher and I really appreciate you!

Parent (English Grammar 1) – November 9, 2018

As a parent I enjoyed this class. Watching my son grow in his understanding of grammar and developing a stronger base for writing. My son enjoyed the class as well. He found it challenging but nothing he could not overcome with some work. Mrs. Graybill was always willing to meet and discuss any questions he may have had throughout the course. She always offered critic and suggestions where things had been marked incorrectly. You can see it is her goal not to just “run a class” but really for your kid to succeed in the learning process. My son and I both look forward to him taking Grammar 2.

Mrs. Damaris Katt (English Grammar 3) 

This course was very helpful in our need to utilize the summer break to bolster our son’s understanding of grammar. The course is comprehensive in its scope. It is structured and presented well. For even a reluctant writer, like my son, Mrs. Graybill was patient, encouraging and very responsive.

Selena (MSTA)  

This was my son’s first online class and it was amazing! We were looking for just a writing class, but he learned literature study, grammar, and vocabulary in this class. Mrs. Graybill offers very informational classes in a fun way. It was a bit fast paced for us, maybe because it was his first online class, but we’re both glad he took the class. His writing improved and I gained so much knowledge. I now feel confident in helping him check his assignments and in reinforcing what she taught him about writing. Two thumbs up!

Brantlee (MSTA) 

Mrs. Graybill is such an amazing teacher! This was my first English class and I was a little scared, but Mrs. Graybill took me under her wing and was very positive through it all. I would highly recommend this class to other students. I learned a lot, and am still learning. It always helps to have an amazing teacher by your side.


Meenakshi Gupta (MSTA) 

This was my son’s first English class and we joined the class in October. Mrs. Graybill was very welcoming and even waived off vocabulary exercises for him. She explained the course material very well and answered our questions very promptly. She took the time to grade students’ work, and always had a positive comment for every assignment.
My son gained a lot from this class. He was completely responsible for this class and completed his assignments on time. His writing skills have improved tremendously. This is all because of all the hard work Mrs. Graybill put in. Thank you so much, Mrs. Graybill.

Rebecca Klabunde (MSTA)  

Both my daughter and my son have taken courses and we couldn’t speak more highly of their experience! Mrs. Graybill is warm, friendly, and helps all of the students feel at ease. She is both thorough in her explanations and dependable to answer questions in a timely manner. We also appreciated her willingness to work with each and every student, individually, if they struggled with a particular area. Her patience comes across in all that she does and it’s evident that she works hard to make sure that each of her students succeeds! We all think that Mrs. Graybill is AMAZING!

Josie Pinnow (MSTA) 

What an excellent class with a wonderful, loving instructor! I highly recommend this course for any middle school student. My son learned so much, especially in grammar!

Susan (MSTB)  

We highly recommend this class and Bev Graybill as a teacher! My youngest daughter has had the wonderful experience of learning from Mrs. Graybill for Middle School Tools A & B. The class is so well organized and planned which has made it so easy for my daughter to “own” this class and all of her lessons, quizzes, assignments, etc. The independence that is has helped foster has been great. Mrs. G is an extremely supportive and encouraging teacher. After homeschooling for over 20 years, I regret not finding out about this class earlier for some of my other daughters. I review other homeschooling families through our umbrella group and am frequently recommending this class to families. I wholeheartedly recommend this class taught by Mrs. G!

Tonja (MSTB) 

Mrs. Graybill has been such an incredible support to myself and daughter through the Middle School English class this year! My daughter absolutely loves the class, and I really appreciate the support that Mrs. G is willing to give! She is passionate, kind, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help my daughter. She has learned so much in just this one year, we look forward to many more of her classes! I highly recommend her! Thanks Mrs. G!

X.B. Student (MSTB) 

It is really helpful. English is not my first language, but thanks to this class I can speak and write more fluid English.
Since I was in Puerto Rico when Irma and Maria hit, we moved for this semester to Florida, and I have been able to do better in school.
It has been an honor to take this course, and I recommend it 100%.

Noemi Bernier-Vera (MSTB) 

when I chose the course I was a little scared, since it was the first time my son was going to take an online course.

When I wrote directly to Mrs. Graybill’s she was very diligent calling to answer all my questions. When me or my son wrote she responded very quickly.

From the beginning all the material was well organized, with excellent content and above all relevant for the degree. My son improved his writing, reading, acquired more vocabulary and get more confidence in the language. The dynamics of the online classes with the other students was very interactive and dynamic for them.
My son always felt challenged and improving during the class.

At the moment we faced the crisis of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. She always showed empathy and a lot of solidarity to help him in the process we were living in the country.

I definitely recommend this course or any other that she offers.

Arpan Kumar (MSTB) 

Mrs. Graybill is an amazing teacher. Through quizzes and lessons, she teaches about the rules of grammar and writing. She always takes the time to grade assignments personally and gives comments where necessary. These classes have really improved my writing and especially my grammar skills, and I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

Shannon Kauffman (MSTB)  

My son has been in Mrs. Graybill’s Middle School Tools B class this year and has grown a lot as a writer and also as a reader. He has always been a strong reader but lacked the deeper level thinking needed in higher level reading. I feel that this class has helped him in this area. This is our first venture into online classes and it has been a wonderful experience. Mrs. Graybill is very knowledgeable and friendly. She grades assignments in a timely manner and thoroughly explains any errors that my son has made to him. She has been very encouraging and supportive of him throughout this year. When he has had questions, she responds quickly to his emails. I have enjoyed the independence my son has shown in completing the daily assignments. I love that she breaks the days down with suggested work so that he can pace himself with the assignments and not become overwhelmed. I look forward to when my daughter will be able to take this class.

Nicholas Shey (American History Through Literature)  

American History through Literature is a very interesting class that I would definitely recommend to other students. It helped me with my grammar and my punctuation, and I also learned about literature. I especially enjoyed the papers, as I could learn how to write better while also learning history. Mrs. Graybill is very friendly and engaging. Overall, I am glad that this class exists so that I can learn several subjects in only one class.

Rebecca Klabunde (American History Through Literature)  

I love that this “2-for-1” class exists at AIM, allowing my student to cover two courses at once! Mrs Graybill is a very thoughtful, engaging teacher who really wants to see her students succeed. She is also very approachable and prompt in all communication. (I especially recommend her class for any students who are new to online learning as she is very understanding of her students’ needs and highly encourages them along the way!)

Ligia Qahoush (American History Through Literature)  

This is my 13-year-old son’s first on-line class and he is loving it. Mrs. Graybill is a great teacher and my son looks forward to attending her class every Monday. He wouldn’t even miss it when we were living overseas a couple of months ago and the class started at 11 pm for us because of the fall Daylight Saving Time. The class is rigorous and challenging but not overwhelming. She has been prompt in answering any questions that we had, especially when we registered for the class about one year ago. She was also flexible and helpful regarding our particular situation and I really appreciated that about Mrs. Graybill. It is wonderful that this class is literature based; I love to see my son reading all the books, and enjoying them and being challenged by them. He has also learned from the special projects and writing assignments that have been assigned throughout the year. This class has been a blessing to us and I definitely recommend it to others.

Aaron Shey (student) (American History Through Literature)  

This class expanded my knowledge of both history, vocabulary and grammar very much, and the live lectures were both educational and captivating. The quizzes helped me remember all the knowledge, and the creative assignments made this class much more then rote memorization of facts. Overall, I think American History through Literature prepared me very well for future classes and I highly recommend this class for other students.

Ying-ya Shey (parent) (American History Through Literature)  

This class is a true blessing to our family and contribute greatly to my son’s knowledge in both History and Writing. At the beginning of the class, he was having a challenging time adjusting to the rigor of the material. After some hard work and great support from Mrs. Graybill, he began to blossom and truly took pride of his work and learning. The lecture is always very informative and tests/quizzes enables the student to reach new height of his understanding. The assignments are creative and serves as a spring board for further studying such as the poetry assignment. He has since composed 70 poems more. We highly recommend this class, it is definitely worth the tuition and I consider it a bargain.

Lynnea Hameloth (American History Through Literature) 

Our family has been blessed by being taught by Mrs. Graybill for many years and she always makes the classes fun and also very “meaty” in what the kids learn. My kids have learned so much from her style of teaching and she does a fabulous job making history “come alive” and makes it interesting. She is great at communicating what needs done and what books you will need for the classes. Having a combined history and english together is just awesome.

S.S. (U.S. Presidents and 50 States) 

The U. S. Presidents and 50 States course was a great way to get my child interested in learning more about our country. The projects were interesting and provided a number of ways to earn points that made the work a fun challenge. While my daughter took this class at a home school co-op, she used the same material that will be used for this AIM Academy course. My daughter also had Mrs. Graybill for an English class and just loved her. She is an encouraging and thoughtful teacher who inspires the best in her students.

Susan Habacivch (U.S. Presidents) 

This is an awesome, fun course for middle schoolers. Both my children took this course and the Fifty States course at a local coop and loved it! They enjoyed learning about the presidents and how the US grew under them as well as the variety of reading and projects available to earn points. They each received a badge at the end and really enjoyed the goal of obtaining it! I highly recommend both the course and the teacher as each of my four children took a course with Mrs Graybill and learned a lot in her classes.