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Amy Wallace Reviews

Parent (English Literature and Composition) – October 21th, 2020

This course has exceeded my expectations in its challenging analysis of grammar, extensive vocabulary, engaging literature, and thorough instruction in essay writing and poetry. Ms. Wallace is a passionate and dedicated teacher who strives to help her students understand, master and even enjoy the concepts she teaches. She makes learning fun and relevant to all of life. She is a gem!

Landri S. (Student in English Literature and Composition) – October 21th, 2020

I have really enjoyed all of the topics we’ve covered in class, and it has been extremely beneficial to my understanding of writing and literature. I enjoy the assortment of textbooks, especially the vocabulary book. I look forward to advancing my literary knowledge throughout the year.

Blake T. (Student in English Literature and Composition) – October 16th, 2020

I think Ms Wallace is a great teacher. Class allows me to fully understand the material and the assignments are enjoyable.

Ryan J. (Student in English Literature and Composition) – October 15th, 2020

Great Class! There is a good amount of challenge in the homework and tests. All homework topics are covered in class.

Parent (English Literature and Composition) – April 13th, 2020

It seemed challenging in a good way. My student learned to use proper citations and essay format. I was very happy that it was well-organized and work was graded quickly with feedback.

Eva Gaugh (HS Comprehensive LA) 

This is a wonderful class! I learned so many different things and improved both my grammar and vocabulary. I was also able to make better my essay writing and MLA formatting skills. I appreciated the learning of poetry as well because i am now better equipped to write my own poetry and analyze others. Thank you so much for this class! I definitely recommend it! My only complaint is that I wish the quizzes were open until Tuesday instead of Saturday.

Emma Snyder (HS Comprehensive LA) 

I learned so much from this class! It gave me more confidence in my writing abilities, and it helped me organize my thoughts so that I could put them down on paper. I used the skills I learned from this class while taking a placement test at a community college, and my essay scored college level. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about how to write quality essays, use proper grammar, and develop more confidence in essay writing.

Christine H(HS Comprehensive LA)  

My daughter has taken two classes with Mrs. Wallace (Comprehensive HS Language Arts and Novel in a Year) and has loved each one. This class in particular was instrumental in increasing her confidence with language, academic writing, and literature analysis, as well as helping her learn time management and diligence. Mrs. Wallace is an encouraging presence in my daughter’s life while also being a challenging and engaging teacher. We have nothing but positive things to say about this class and Mrs. Wallace’s teaching. We are signed up for future classes for next year!

Jennifer Kimpan (MS Comprehensive LA)  

This class was a wonderful opportunity for Luke. It was his first online instructor led course and Ms. Wallace made it an easy transition. Ms. Wallace made the class fun and engaging by adding personal experiences and stories. Luke enjoyed having a variation from traditional book work to a virtual classroom with peer work as well. We are very impressed with the course and Ms. Wallace and would absolutely recommend any of her courses.

Sarah Wallace (MS Comprehensive LA) 

This class was awesome. Ms. Wallace is funny and really supportive to her students. I used to hate grammar before I took this class, and now I love it. Ms. Wallace’s feedback is great and encouraging . I would totally recommend Ms. Wallace’s classes!

Lois Hoyman (Novel in a Year) 

My son took Novel in a Year during the 2016-17 school year. I was so very grateful for this class. Not only did the topic interest him, for the purpose of completing a vision he had, but the instruction was excellent. I often walked by the class and marveled at what excellent and comprehensive teaching Ms. Wallace was able to incorporate into the writing process. Her manner with the students is professional and full of grace. Her personal faith in Christ is reflected throughout her interactions with the students. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.

Melayna (Novel in a Year) 

An Incredible experience. Ms.Wallace has been one of many writing instructors in my life, and she was by far the best. In an online class of over 30, I felt like she did a good job of giving each student individual attention as well as great feedback and encouragement. I learned so much in her class; she is an incredible teacher, and if I could have spent my whole high school career with her, I would have.

Tammie M. (Novel in a Year) 

Outstanding content and instruction! Mrs. Wallace is a rare gem. My 10th grader completed a twenty-two chapter novel which is coherent and pleasure to read –no small feat. I am amazed at the advanced-level instruction Mrs. Wallace provided in this class for high school students, which I am sure could be taught in college as well. She has high standards and expects her students to work hard, but she works even harder herself . . . giving students the necessary tools, coaching, and feedback needed to become strong writers.

Mrs. Wallace, a published author in her own right, takes the seemingly daunting task of writing a novel, and breaks it up into manageable steps for aspiring writers. Do not be deterred by how much this course costs –it is worth every dime, and then some! I am thankful that a person of Mrs. Wallace’s professional and personal caliber uses her God-given talents to teach –she made a positive impact in my 10th grader’s life. How do I know this? My son is continuing to write for fun!

Becca M (Novel in a Year) 

I absolutely loved this class when I took it in 8th grade! Ms. Wallace is engaging, teaches the material in a thorough but fun way, and most importantly, truly cares about each individual student, not only for their growth as a writer, but as a person.
Class discussions were the highlight for me! I loved the types of students I interacted with and I, to this day, still regularly talk with some of them.
Whether you want to get a book done, have a fun elective, or just meet a bunch of great people- this class is for you!

Emma P (Novel in a Year) 

First and foremost I would like to say: Under Ms. Wallace’s fantastic instruction I have achieved a goal that I could only dream about before class. I’ve written an entire novel, all on my own, and while I might not get it published, Ms. Wallace has made it that I’m no longer afraid to write, or have bad writing, I know I can edit it and make it into the best that it could be.
Ms. Wallace has always been so encouraging and kind, firm when she needed to, but only to help our writing. Every singe thing she does in this class is to make the students better at what they love.
I’ve made many great friends during the class, I would recommend this to any aspiring writer. Be prepared to write, alot. Don’t think that you don’t need to work in this class, but it’s fun. Ms. Wallace makes every assignment fun, even if it’s editing a cringe-worthy chapter, reading chapters of books that may not be saying what you want to hear, or writing a chapter where you have to do terrible things to your characters.
No matter how hard I try, how eloquent my words are, or how beautiful my writing turns out to be I cannot say how much Ms. Wallace’s class has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Ms. Wallace, you are truly fantastic.

Anna (Novel in a Year) 

This class was the best writing class I have ever participated in. The teacher was beyond amazing, friends were quickly made amongst the students, and the class as a whole swiftly coagulated together to become a writing community, ready to critique and support each other in their writing endeavors.

Mrs. Wallace was very kind and understanding. She seemed genuinely interested in the students, willing to pray for them and willing to take the time to thoroughly answer writing questions. She was a mother figure to the whole class.

Mrs. Wallace took this class seriously and she expected all of us to as well. Work had to be done promptly and turned in on time, no excuses. She allowed us freedom to write what we wanted to write, but she insisted that the rules of grammar be followed. She pushed us to improve, and we did.

Ultimately, perhaps her greatest accomplishment within this class lies in her ability to push us farther than we have ever gone before. This was a hard journey, but we have finished it. We wrote an entire novel (In under 1 year, no less!) and that is a feat that most aspiring novelist can never claim.

I can honestly say that I would never have made it this far without the encouragement and help Mrs. Wallace and my fellow writers have given me. I have made dear friends in this class, found my writing community, grown both as a writer and as a person, and have written a book. What more could you want?

Matthew Karshna (Novel in a Year) 

My old writing compared to my new writing after taking this class is like night and day. Mrs. Wallace is loving, kind, and cared so deeply for my success in the class. With the foundations I now have in writing, I now cannot wait to continue applying them in the future, and continue seeking her feedback and advice. Even if you are not a fan of writing, you would come out of Mrs. Wallace’s class loving to write—guaranteed. One thing I especially love about Mrs. Wallace is that she is not just a wonderful teacher, she is a wonderful person, who loves our Lord Jesus Christ. I could not be more thankful for Mrs. Wallace.

Sarah C (Novel in a Year) 

Take the class. You won’t regret it. Ms. Wallace has made a giant impact on me and my writing. She makes the most intimidating things about writing seem so enjoyable and interesting that I hate break because I want to keep learning. I leave her class every Thursday feeling inspired and dying to write. She starts every class with prayer, and, honestly, she sounds like an angel; she reminds us each time that we’re writing for God’s glory and not ours or anybody else; and she cares about each one of her students and wants to pray for them. I can’t thank Ms. Wallace enough for what she did.

Paige Burgess (Novel in a Year) 

I am a parent of an 8th grader who completed the class in 2016-17. I shadowed the class with him so I was very close to all that was going on. This was a powerful class for my son…forcing him to make a dream come true. It also put the dream of writing a book within reach for me. Mrs. Wallace has a very kind, and uplifting, but firm way with the students — a perfect balance that I wish I could achieve in my homeschool. She has put together a comprehensive class that is well thought out, well paced and with an appropriate amount of work, including reading, writing, and editing. I enjoyed reading her published books while taking her class. She teaches from a world of experience. Oh yes, and she also brings her faith to the forefront of class in a consistent way that models for the kids the Lordship of Christ! High marks!

Kailee (Novel in a Year) 

I cannot recommend this class highly enough! Ms. Wallace is a wonderful teacher with experience in the area of plotting, writing, editing, and marketing books, and she is highly caring. She really invests time in her students. Her love of teaching is obvious, which made this class very engaging, and she supported me through all of my twenty chapter book, from plotting to polishing. If you have ever started a book but never been able to finish it, I suggest this class, even if you don’t intend to go on and become a published author. It’s really helped me read with more appreciation of the work that goes into each and every book.

Hope (Novel in a Year) 

I highly recommend this class if you are just starting out or can’t seem to complete a book. Every class starts off with prayer and then you dive into learning. I learned something new in every class, which helps my writings. Ms. Wallace is an amazing teacher and prayer warrior. She goes above and beyond just being a teacher. While I was a student, she would give me advice and my book turned out for the better, but she would also pray for her students if they asked for it. Whether or not you plan to write as a job, or as a hobby, I do recommend this class. You won’t regret taking it.

Faith S (Novel in a Year) 

Ms. Wallace is a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much. Before this class, I would only get as far as halfway through chapter one. Now I have twenty under my belt. I have learned more about comma placement in this class than any other class before. I am beyond ecstatic I took this class, and beyond thankful.

Daisy M (Novel in a Year) 

I took this course in 10th grade, and I am so glad I did. I am a writer, who couldn’t finish a book. With this class, I finally accomplished that goal. I finished my novel, and I learned how to edit it. Ms. Wallace is a fantastic teacher, who knows how a writer’s brain works. She was able to teach using modern examples, and teaches with a passion. I am forever thankful that I took this class. If I hadn’t, I don’t think I could’ve finished a novel.