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Alicia Loran Reviews

Parent (Literature & Composition 5/6) — October 23, 2023

My son has enjoyed this class. She is very understanding and keeps my son engaged! Mrs. Loran is an excellent teacher!

Parent (English Foundations 1) — October 10, 2023

Thoughtfully prepared content that hits wide-ranging topics in reading, writing, vocab, and grammar. I’m impressed by the content and by the teacher’s engagement and feedback. My student is engaged, the workload is not light but manageable, and the teacher is engaged and knowledgeable and provides high quality feedback.

Parent (English Foundations 1) — September 30, 2023

This course is able to cover all components of ELA in a very encouraging and motivating environment. I appreciate the amount of “homework” which is spread out across 5 days in a realistic manner. In addition, Mrs. Loran shows empathy and understanding without compromising the expectations she holds for each student.

Parent (English Foundations 2) — September 29, 2023

It’s an engaging class, Ms. Loran is quick to respond to emails when there are questions regarding assignments. I really like the number and selection of books chosen for this course as well as the way reading is broken down into x number of chapters each day so as to not be overwhelming.